What is the time?


Where are you from and what is the time at your place right now?
I’m from Assam, India
And its 1:20AM here.
(I should be sleeping right now):joy::joy:


I’m from Melbourne Australia currently 2:38pm


I’m from Katy, Texas and it is 3 in the morning. I’m practically nocturnal, so I’m wide awake. I don’t have to go to my class tomorrow since it’s a holiday so I’m staying up!


Germany, 10:27am here. :slight_smile:


It’s now 7:57pm in Melbourne Australia


I’m from London, England. It’s currently 10:46am!


I’m from New Zealand :new_zealand:
It’s 1:05am :hugs:


I’m from Romania :romania:
It’s 6:08 pm right now!


I’m London, England and the time is:


I’m from England too! It’s 8:14 pm now!


I live in the ATL and it’s currently 3:30 pm


2:51 pm out here in cali


It is 11:30pm in hindly, England!


It’s now 11:37am in New Zealand!!! :heart:


ATLANTA GEORGIA 9:45! ლζ*:heart: ε :heart: *ζლ


7:25 PM in Oregon.


6.19 Am Frankfurt, Germany


Im in California, USA
It’s 9:33 PM


I’m in Nevada, USA
And It’s 9:46 PM


England and its 2:01pm