What is this email icon?


While reading a thread I saw this envelope icon next to the reply arrow. I’ve never seen this before - what does it mean? Is this how you get your ‘reply through email’ badge?


It means that someone replied through e-mail. And yes this is how you get this badge :smiley:


Thanks! :smiley:


How would you chat from email ima noob soo


When someone replies to me or mentiones my username on the forum and I’m not curently on it, I get an e-mail with what that person wrote to me. And I then I can answer them through e-mail or login on the forum to do that:


Ooh okay. I’m currently replying through email, so let’s see if this works, lol.

~ Tiara :slight_smile:


It worked :wink:


Thank you!! :blush: