What is this supposed to mean?

Hiii! I have a doubt. So I was writing my story and when I was doing a character dialogue, I found this. I was confused because I hadn’t seen an animation like it before.

I was curious so I searched the animations catalog but found nothing like that.

I know that there’s an animation called ‘deepbreath’ but this one’s named differently and it’s separate because the ‘deepbreath’ one shows differently.

I don’t know if I make sense :sweat_smile: but does anyone know if it’s a glitch or…?


Looks like a glitch. ‘deepbreath’ is the correct animation.

Oh, I see. I was also confused because I usually use ‘deepbreath’ and then this comes up :sweat_smile: Thank you!


Yeah I have experienced it too… At beginning I thought, its hidden animation or something… I tried quite a few times to use it but it is nothing… Episode is just playing with us :joy: :joy:


Ohh :joy:

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I don’t believe this is hidden animation. I use it for years now. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I found some more!

There are way too many for them to be mistakes.

And when I search it up, it’s not there.

Did we stumble across some hidden animations?

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I tried searching deepbreath but i didn’t get any in the animation page and when I checked the same on right side of the writing page, it showed deepbreath there…

Is there any other animation called breath_deep too?

As far as I know, there’s no animation called ‘breathe_deep’ but when used, it will just show the deepbreath animation.

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but it appears when we enter breath while coding, right?


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Deepbreath and Breathe_deep are 2 different animations.
The first one is around 2 beats long and the second is around 1 beat long.

And what you @Melish.episode found are also not hidden animations. Some of them are character’s transitions (from standing to siting etc.), some are for dogs…

Oh, I see. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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