What is to much for a first chapter

What do you think to much is for a first chapter like how much action how much talking and so on I think it should help a lot of the new people
For per say my story (not published yet) has a club shooting scene then blah blah the mc gets shot blah blah the li brings/saves her and her family blah blah so would you say that’s to much or just enough for a first chapter


It depends- like how many lines do you have? You want to make a first episode interesting so does it leave on a cliffhanger? It doesn’t have to, but if the MC got shot I would have made that the cliffhanger- but it really depends on you and your story, you’re the author :love_letter:

I think a lot of action is good :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: if the first episode is just introductory stuff and narrating it tends to get a bit boring in my opinion

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I mean, the important thing in the first episode is to catch the interest of the readers, and if you want to do that, I saw go for it! You just want to make sure that the episode still flows nicely, even if it’s fast(just so you’re not jumping disjointedly from scene to scene) also, make sure you’re not giving too much of the plot away in that first episode to make the readers want to come back for more!

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