What is trolling and who’s a troll?

There has always been people who are living free and love to joke around. And mock others.

Imagine this situation:
Full classroom and a teacher is explaining something. Your head keep thinking about her explanation and there are hundreds of thoughts captivating you.

You ask teacher a question. Then that group starts laughing and mocking your stupidness, while you have no idea why they’re laughing at you.

Nowadays there are trolls on internet.

If you look at my story once again, you’d see, the person who asked a question did nothing wrong. Those who mocked him are trolls who have no brain to develop ideas in their heads and they stick to public knowledge.

But on internet it doesn’t go that way.

On forums there are many members and admins/mods have a lot of work. Suddenly they are captured by a fact, that they must hush peoples who are thinking, because there are too many of those, who will attack with mocking. So the best way to keep peace on internet is, to mark those, who think, with a title “trolls”. It’s much easier to join the laugh and the mocking than developing ideas, got it :wink:


Well if people try to make fun of you / mock you / troll you, I would just ignore it because eventually it’s just not gonna be funny anymore because what makes it ‘funny’ is your reactions. If you just don’t react then it won’t be funny anymore and soon or later they will just stop.


What I’m trying to say is, when we read: this person is a troll, usually the one who wrote it is a troll and not vise versus.


Oh you had me confused for a second :joy:

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Someone will now say I’m a troll, because I’m thinking and sharing my thoughts that are not in public knowledge. :woman_shrugging:t4:


I don’t think your a troll.

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Some people don’t think before they speak and they need to learn to. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all simple as that :woman_shrugging:. i look like a troll :japanese_ogre::joy:

I love how I’m flagged for saying I’m confused when I am legitimately confused about the OP post. But go off people. Go off :joy:


:joy: how is that off topic though?? You just asking a question!:joy::open_hands:

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