What is wrong here ? 4



I can’t find any wrong with the posted screenshot script at first glance, but it’s hard to know what I’m looking for. What’s the issue?




But I copy-pasted the name of background,from art catalog :mag:


Switch place on the N and I




Thanks :heart:


An eassy misstake. Happy to help. :upside_down_face:



Hey,Do yiu know whats happening here @DENNIS is walking turned left but I want him to walk to the screen right and then face left :frowning:


There’s no direction for him or JACK to exit, so the SE doesn’t know what to do with those lines of the script, so it skips them. Hence the !



The second set of ! is due to you having both enters and exits at the same time, I think. If you want a character to do one thing after another, use the THEN command,

@DENNIS enters from left THEN DENNIS exits left

Another thing to think about is that if you don’t add a facing

@DENNIS enters left AND DENNIS faces right

the character will automatically face left by default. aka, it might walk backwards.