What is wrong with mine layers?

So I have an overlay at layer 2 and MELL at layer 3 so she should be above the overlay but she appears behind it. I have checked and I do not have any other move to layer command between this scene and the beginning where I set the layers…so WHY is this happening?

I tried to put another
@MELL moves to layer 3
just before she says what you see at the picture.still the same…
I tried to refresh the page if this is the problem…nope…

Any suggestions? :smiley:

Do you see some script error?

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I think you would have to put it as BACKGROUND wiTh overlay to x y in zone 1 (or whatever zone you want) at layer 3

you mean to have the character and the overlay on same layer?

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No you have to include the scale and size of the overlay on one line and then have the character moves to layer 2 on a different line

I have the exact same script for the overlay placement in some previous scene and it works…another character on lower level walks behind the counter…

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I guess you could combine the characters spot and the characters layer together, that’s what I do and that works.

You need to spot the overlay first. Any direction that happens before you spot direct it will be ignored usually.

I tryed to move the overlay to another layer just before the scene where I need it and still not working.

Each new scene resets your spot. When you say what spot it moves to, that has to be above where you tell it what layer to go to in your script.
&overlay NAME shifts to
&overlay NAME scales to
&overlah NAME moves to layer

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guys non of it works…I found out that the problem is with layer of MELL.
Just to bu sure I just before the scene where I start to see the overlay put comand for both characters to move to layer.

Its this part:

@MELL walks to upscreen right in zone 3 AND MELL is walk_exhausted_loop
@MELL faces left
sound door_close
@CJ stands upscreen left in zone 3 AND CJ faces right
@CJ moves to layer 4
@MELL moves to layer 3
@pan to zone 3

sound off
MELL (eyeroll_sarcastic)
C.J. …

BUT when I at this place check the stage at the preview window by “copy stage” it shows that ony CJ has moved to layer 4 but MELL is at layer 1:

@zoom on 160 284 to 100% in 0
@CJ spot 1.280 100 0
@CJ moves to layer 4
@KATE spot 1.280 -700 0
@KATE moves to layer 0
@MELL spot 1.280 220 0
@MELL moves to layer 1
@overlay 6202847361105920_MODERNI OBYVAK KUCHYN shifts to -542 42
@overlay 6202847361105920_MODERNI OBYVAK KUCHYN scales to 1.000 1.000

So I solved it by movind the overlay to layer 0

But I would like to know why she didnt moved to layer 3?

it didn’t work because you moved her to layer before placing her in the scene

Look at my last spot. She walks to spot as first thing. And moving to layer Mell does as last thing before I pan to that zone.

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