What is wrong with mine layers?

guys non of it works…I found out that the problem is with layer of MELL.
Just to bu sure I just before the scene where I start to see the overlay put comand for both characters to move to layer.

Its this part:

@MELL walks to upscreen right in zone 3 AND MELL is walk_exhausted_loop
@MELL faces left
sound door_close
@CJ stands upscreen left in zone 3 AND CJ faces right
@CJ moves to layer 4
@MELL moves to layer 3
@pan to zone 3

sound off
MELL (eyeroll_sarcastic)
C.J. …

BUT when I at this place check the stage at the preview window by “copy stage” it shows that ony CJ has moved to layer 4 but MELL is at layer 1:

@zoom on 160 284 to 100% in 0
@CJ spot 1.280 100 0
@CJ moves to layer 4
@KATE spot 1.280 -700 0
@KATE moves to layer 0
@MELL spot 1.280 220 0
@MELL moves to layer 1
@overlay 6202847361105920_MODERNI OBYVAK KUCHYN shifts to -542 42
@overlay 6202847361105920_MODERNI OBYVAK KUCHYN scales to 1.000 1.000

So I solved it by movind the overlay to layer 0

But I would like to know why she didnt moved to layer 3?