What is wrong with this choise script?

I don’t understand how to do that, cant you just addapt my script so i can copy/paste xxx

It gives me everytime the label goto phone does not exist.

Look at this part in your script:

It should be:

Choices are hard at first, but soon you get used to them.

When you started your second option of “no”, you put } in front of it, and that should be on the line before. Like this:

“Should I say no?”{

The second mistake is in the end, where you should make it face this way: }

I hope this helped!

Are you saying that } “should I say no?” { is incorrect to write? :thinking:

Thank you for the help but @livvy613 already corrected this :wink:


Yes, you should put the first “}” that is on that line on the line above it. (I hope that makes sense) :joy:

Actually, it’s correct either way.


} “should I say no?” {


“should I say no?” {

It’s only incorrect if a line is skipped like this:


“should I say no?” {

See how there’s a space there? It’s NOT right.

If you test out both of the correct options, they’ll both work :wink:

So, to recap:

it is solved, i had forgotten to write in the beginning label phone lol, thank you x @Sydney_H this can be closed. x

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: