What is wrong with this photo?



I dont know if this is the right category, but i uploaded this photo to the portal

and it says that it has been rejected for copyright!

Where is the copyright in these photos?

sorry im being very salty


Did you make it/did you draw it?




no, i found it on dara.amaries drive




Oh, well… I don’t really know. I used Dara’s drive before, but I don’t really know…


Can you follow me on episode I’ll follow you back :hugs:


i would, but i have no clue where my ipad is.
as soon as i find it, i’ll follow you!
whats ur username?








@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you close this thread please?


It might be because it features the story cover artwork of an episode featured story, ‘the baby project’. I’m not 100% sure, but it’s a possibility.