What is Yall's pet peeves?

My pet peeve is when someone leaves me read/open… I swear that is just… Terrible… ESPECIALLY IF ITS SOMEONE YOU LIKE…


Them: “This one’s for you” misses shot

It’s a whole ick


When people make plans and they cancel last minute. Like I’m all dressed about to leave and they go, “oh sorry, I’m gonna have to cancel” :roll_eyes:


They might as well as say “im going to ignore you” !

I hate loud chewing and movie talkers, especially if it’s a movie I haven’t seen. :angry: :triumph:


I can’t with that.
I just can’t. Especially if I’m scared I said the wrong thing. That makes my anxiety skyrocket through da roof.

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My pet peeves


1.) When people trace then show proof they didn’t trace but the proof shows what they’re accused of also they claim it as there art.

2.) I hate when my siblings bring my electronics back dirty.

3.) When my siblings argue with me for everything, and get mad at me when I did nothing wrong always try’s to hurt my feelings somehow.

4.) I hate having friends they never treated me right.

5.) When people ignore you.

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My pet peeves exactly!!!


When people think it’s fine to get onto your bed with their shoes on.

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when someone ignore my chat -_-

Asking me if I am really humming a song

Touch my things and calling it looks bad

Trio friends (I like on one on one friendship)

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My mom would |< ¡ || if somebody did this :joy:


When native/fluent english speakers spell/use ‘your/you’re’ wrong in sentences. It’s soo annoying to me :persevere:


There’re more @epi.sophia, it also irritates me (although I am not an English native speaker). →

*Rogue and rouge (rouge is a color :roll_eyes: → when I started writing my last story I just googled it and found out rouge is a color);
*Faith and fate (Fate is the effect, consequence, outcome, or inevitable events predetermined by this cause. → https://wikidiff.com/faith/fate ).

I can’t think of any more, but if I found one I let you all know. :wink:



When someone says “…then they did a 360” when it’s actually 180

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