What is your AeStHeTiC?

I’m honestly struggling so much to find an aesthetic to suit me so I need some ideas. What’s your aesthetic?


I don’t have one set aesthetic, I’m into multiple things that really don’t add up.

-I’m really into Kpop but mainly like 5 groups (mainly Blackpink)
But I’m also into heavy metal and that whole grudge vibe like Poppy and Caliban
But I’m also one to get dressed up all girly and really nice

Idk I’m kinda weird :joy::partying_face:


Yeah I really like grunge style but I also like dressing more feminine and girly lol

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honestly some days i’m an eboy vampire; other days i’m a mermaid; other days i’m a 6 year old boy obsessed with superheroes :joy:

i’m not sure anyone has just one aesthetic


I’m also into a whole lot of different things, like my style is quirk/grunge/street/emo (I know it doesn’t make sense but I just don’t really care what I wear as long as it’s in one of those categories.)
I listen to genres like alternative, electric pop, R&B, EDM, k-pop and a whole lot more.

I can’t even choose what best represents me.

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A mix of goth, grunge, and 90’s/y2k. and on some days ill go pastel or bad b :joy: :purple_heart:

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Night luxury aesthetic is my favorite. :night_with_stars::clinking_glasses::sparkles:


I love e-girl, arthoe, dark academia, and grunge. :black_heart::sparkles:


Im basic af

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