What is your biggest coding struggle?

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Hi! I am going to be posting topics and try to help people with their biggest coding struggles.
I’m hoping to teach people how to code better and I’m hoping you can help.

Can’t wait to see your replies!


Here are a few problems I usually run into when coding:

1. Chapter Length

Sometimes I feel as if my chapter is too short or too long. Sometimes I have lots of dialogue and less narration/actions, other times I have more narration and actions than dialogue.

2. Pacing

This is more about the storyline, but also has to do with coding.
Sometimes I feel as if there is a lack of animations or it seems like coding is getting too difficult and cut important scenes out of the story which really messes with pacing.

3. Complex Choices/Branching

I’ve tried this once and I was lost. I wound up deleting my script and starting over with very few choices.
This is a very difficult coding problem that many beginning authors run into.

4. Elif/If Else

Personally, I’ve never tried this, but I see lots of help threads that ultimately lead up to this. I hear it’s a confusing topic, but I wouldn’t know.

5. Points System

I see this a lot and a lot of small authors can’t quite figure it out. I wouldn’t try it until there was a tutorial or something. It seems hard, I tried it once, but failed. It’s kind of annoying because I would want a points system for the reader if there were 2 LI’s.

These are just some examples of problems I run into when coding! You can tag me. Good luck!


These are great topics! I’ll will keep them in mind and let you know!

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I honestly still don’t understand the anchor points on overlays.:sob:

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I’ve never really needed to flip or turn and overlay. But one day I feel like I will and idk how to properly use anchor points

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I have too many branches :see_no_evil:

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ugh I really dislike branching and complex choices – they just freak me out sometimes

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-overlays are my worst nightmare :sob: I can do them but they’re so time-consuming
-branching/ very complex choices using elif/ if/ else
-thinking of a catchy story title (yes, this isn’t a coding struggle but it takes me hours so I felt like I had to include this)
-points system… :unamused:
-how many events to include in an episode and put in the next episode


Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for letting me know :))

Tyyyyyy <33

Hehehe I will see what I can do to help!