What is your BIGGEST forums pet peeve?

Just to start with! This is not aimed towards the site or anyone on it!
And please, when expressing your peeves, DO NOT USE NAMES OR @ ANYONE

This thread is just to express some of your biggest peeves about the site. If it’s trolls, certain personalities of other members (for example, the one that always has to be right/One who flags everything), etc.

My peeves
1.Saying rude things in a pm just because no one else is there
(That’s just rude and immature)
2. People who comment on threads saying “Oh I don’t know the answer so I can’t help”
(The person didn’t make the thread to hear that you can’t help them, if you can’t help then maybe…Just don’t comment
3. Threadhoppers
(I’m not an artist but threadhopping is just like…Bruh?)
4. Trolls!
(Trolls are the most annoying people on forums! Like do you really have that much free time? Pick up a hobby or something :sweat_smile: )

Those are just some of my peeves and I’m sorry if I offended anyone by any of these but I’m just curious on what your peeves are?


My peeve would have to be those people that say “r4r” and don’t actually do it and they just stand there expecting the other person to actually do it.
Sorry if I offended anyone :grimacing:


My peeve is people who can’t just put the form like this.


Yah know? It’s pisses me off :joy: I have to scroll scroll scroll. I don’t know man if I were the artist/editor I would feel insane.


My pet peeve is when someone has helped someone and another person tries to shut them down… with “Why not just do and cut out all of that work?” like… feel free to suggest that to OP- not say that to someone who replied to OP to be helpful…

Another is when you attempt to help OP and they aren’t nice when you do what you can… E.g. I didn’t know how to help other than tagging someone who could and being like “oh, I personally wouldn’t know how to help but @----- might!” so they can get the help from the person who knows what is wrong… and they just responded like “can you give me a hint or something-” like I genuinely don’t know? I can’t hint at an answer I don’t have I was just tagging someone who could assist you.

This isn’t a forums pet peeve but a personal peeve is when im tryna make an overlay and there are lines around the overlay which shows how poorly I cut it out… (for me personally it doesn’t bother me when other stories have overlays with lines… etc)

Another non forum pet peeve- is when I go to new author stories and it’s literally either A) An advert for their insta… B) A story which was publishing purely to wish someone happy birthday before ending… C) troll story/stories which are incredibly offensive to Minorities and other communities of people.

The organised columns for threads because they all seem to be specific to certain things and sometimes I can’t tell if a thread will fall into any of the categories and it will get closed before It’s served it’s purpose… that or I will get confused cause the contents of the thread could fit multiple columns and the thread gets moved to another one because I had to pick between them.

When threads blow up hours after they are made… for example I had a sat-sunday off where I could do story recommendations and it blew up sunday NIGHT- so I’ve been doing requests since start of november to fill all the requests whilst in an exam week, doing work shifts and studying + transition period to a new campus.


Also damn 2. is me (but I try to @— someone who can help if I do comment… otherwise I won’t… I only say I don’t know and @-- someone if the thread hasn’t got anyone else helping and i’m the only one to have seen it because the OP can see I viewed and didn’t help and I feel bad-)


When you didn’t ask for a R4R but someone approaches you for one. Then they say they’ll read yours after you prove to them that you’ve read theirs. Like come on, I’m not the one who asked!


I was not trying to aim that at anyone! Sorry if I offended you.


omg yesss
like you asked me (not you I just talk in you-I’s when giving examples) and I was like okay sure… read it and then u ask proof that I read it-

like if you not gonna trust the person you ASKED to do the R4R with, why do the R4R

The only exemption in my opinion is if you read their story and showed them you did on your own… and then they ghost you or say they’ve read it but your reads didn’t go up at all like if it’s been a month or so of them being quiet + reads not going up 1 at all then maybe ask if they read it and if they say they did then instead of asking for proof just ask what their favourite part of the pilot was… cause then if they didn’t read it they would either ghost you or read it to find a part they liked.


oh no I didn’t take offense! I found it rather funny :smiley:


omgg !! i agree with this :sweat_smile: and i’m not even an artist LOL


When someone makes a thread saying their story is out and literally everyone just shoves their story in the persons face asking for a R4R. Sometimes the author specifically said not to promote, and they did it anyway. I never read those stories because that thread was to appreciate someone’s hard work, not to get reads.

(This is no one’s fault) when I make a thread with a problem and for hours no one cares to help. then I solve it, and suddenly it blows up with people helping. I appreciate that and it’s no one’s fault but it’s kinda annoying.


OMG yes!


I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but when a person ask for help and I help them but they don’t respond to me but they respond to a different person that says the same thing that I said after I say it .Then the person that ask for help just ignores me and thanks the other person and I’m not mad or anything it just annoying. Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense.

  1. When people promote their stories at the wrong time. I’ll be going through threads and just see a story promotion when the thread didnt ask for one. Some people really be taking any opportunity to promote their story.

  2. Replying just for sake of replying. Like an advice thread where they just say “I don’t know how to do that” or “I’ve seen that but I dont know where that’s from.” Or just saying something that isn’t helpful.

  3. When people have full on conversations in a thread where they can just pm each other. Like it just clogs up the thread and I’m just scrolling and scrolling and it’s just the same two people replying to each other.


this :point_up_2::point_up_2:


I hope I don’t offend anyone but I hate those posts where it’s like"why won’t anyone read my story?"


Attention seekers.
People that always pick on people for no reason, and try to control what they can or can’t post despite it being appropriate.
People who make 10 threads for the same thing.
People who start unnecessary drama.
People who bring people down for no reason.

And those were only a few of my peeves here.


what are threadhoppers? ヽ(´ー`)┌


People who request art from one group/person and then request the same thing at different shop/person.


ohh, thanks (:
also that would be so frustrating for an artist :triumph:
It takes up spots for other people AND at least one of the artists work will be wasted ):