What is your BIGGEST forums pet peeve?

It almost seems like window shopping except you’re hurting an artist


In my opinion, there’s too many “R4R” posts here, to be honest. Maybe that’s just me though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t have a problem with the concept of R4R, but when I constantly see posts about it, it’s just kind of annoying for me.


No you’re right, there is way too many.

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I hate that to it’s so cowardly and mean

I’m ngl I do this but I normally do it to bump or I tag somebody but I understand it can be annoying

I’ve only had this happen to me like twice and it was annoying like for real :confused: and to top it off the other shop had told us which I no must suck

Bruh I literally got suspended for a week cause I was dealing with a troll who went way to far and it was so annoying

Some things I find annoying is the dumb flags like I get flagged for the dumbest reasons and all the time. I also think people who don’t do their read for reads (basically getting people to read their story without reading others) are annoying.


I help a lot on the directing help but it makes me mad when people do request their templates in a certain way Pls understand me, if they ask politely write that they are beginners it completely fine.

But I the type of post:

I need a template for this bg… I need this and that

It makes me feel like the person expects everybody to stop doing what they do and created the template immediately just so because they want one.

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