What is your BIGGEST forums pet peeve?

Threads that end up becoming fights where nobody listens to each other and think they are right.


Another one …

people asking for honest review of their story but expecting in reality only sweet coments how great it is.

And when they get feedback pointing out mistakes and telling them in which part of the story it was unclear confuzing or boring, they tell you that you just got it wrong.
And even atacking the one who was trying to help them via the feedback.

Man… I read your story write you like 2 pages trying to explayin what was not working for me and why… and you realy think I do it with intention to hurt you??:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

If you are not ready for criticism do not ask for one!


Saw this post and had to add my thoughts. Mine has always been when a reader asks if we could add more looks to customized characters since they didn’t like their look. Or seeing comments to a writer who specifically chose not to do character customization ask if they can customize the MC. The last one is asking if you could change it so they can redo their name again since another character in the story has the same name. I guess that’s why lots of writers now choose the non-customized way of writing to avoid that headache.


fans is probably bit of a topic since this is about a forum pet peeve. But I agree,

Fans are sometimes so rude and disrespectful - I have seen on Instagram one fan attacking a writer calling him rasic just because his MC was white without CC. Her argument was that the author is disrespectful to readers who are POC since she doesn’t allow them to adjust the main character to look like them… :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

I got fan mail that “my MC clothes are always so ugly”… like why the person even writes me this? :rofl:

Worst for me is the constant asking when will be the next chapter - they probably do not mean it in any way bad- but it always makes me feel like I am doing something wrong and makes me really uncomfortable. And guess what, it’s then harder for me to write since I feel under pressure. :woozy_face:

  1. When someone asks for coding advice but then a few minutes later they post a topic about how they need help coding like :thinking::pray:

  2. When people continue to make useless topics.

  3. When people heart your topic but they don’t actually help you.

So yeah…


I found another one. When someone describes their whole problem in their title. :woozy_face:


Lol, where have I heard this before…


seriously!! Like I’m just being honest here, if u didn’t want my honest opinion DONT do a r4r in the first place


My biggest pet peeve is when people say: This is the wrong place to put this thread- and I’m like- no love, incorrect.


Yes- I got so many hearts and not one bloody answer lol.


uhm I don’t think so- there’s a post from a year ago since the last reply and you can still comment on it

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I just depends
but some topics say, “this topic will close after the last reply”


When people put requests for cover in the Art Suggestions thread

  1. Flagging!!
    I agree that things should be flagged when there is a need for it to be flagged! But people flag legit every for example I was flagged multiple times for my thread in “general chat” ask for opinions on what photo I should get painted of my dog who passed away.

But also what is the point?? Even when something is flagged it doesn’t get looked at by anyone.

  1. Being too harsh with feedback/ being too sensitive.

If you are going to ask for feed back be aware that you are not always going to like that people think. There is no need to write back angrily or upset when you have asked for opinions. That being said, there is constructive criticism and just being rude! If you are giving feedback remember that someone has put a lot of effort into it so be truthful but mindful on how you respond.

  1. Not giving credit!!
    If someone has helped you make something the least you can do is give them a quick mention in a reader message of at the end like this A thank you to @… for helping/creating …

Even if someone says that they don’t want credit don’t take credit for it yourself of someone asked how you did it.

  1. Threads being locked due to it being similar to another thread.

Yeah I get that you don’t need to same thread twice, but for example I was looking at he fourms for some coding help, I saw one that seemed to have the same issue to me, but no matter how many times I looked at it, I couldn’t figure out why min was wrong… so I made another one who got locked and I had to message to get it open again.

5 hate on a fan thread

Sometimes people love a story so much they decide to make a fan thread… isn’t that nice :)?
It is until haters decide to start joining and being trolls. If you don’t like the story stay off the tread!


Agreed however I also want to add about people who are just hating and don’t actually give feedback. Both really annoy me :woman_facepalming:t2:

  • when someone requests from me then doesn’t even use the art i make them- like i spent like 9 hours on that shit and you dont wanna use it-

  • Or when someone compliments your art and requests, then when you decline the request they tell you “your art is ugly anyway.” like bro you just mad because i declined your request?

  • When people go completely off topic and have a FULL conversation on a thread.

  • When someone asks for help on an art piece they made and don’t thank me after i did so… like at least say thank you?

  • when someone wants to be “friends” and literally a week after they wanna ask you to make them something- like NO! :sob: