What is your BIGGEST forums pet peeve?

When people ask for help, then you help then and NO “Thank you”…
When people ask for your honest opinion and you give it to them, then they turn round and say that YOUR wrong! Then people think your being mean, but they asked for your f*cking opinion… Like, if you don’t want people to say what they really think then DONT ASK…


No, if it was the same item etc, then it would be. Thread hopping is when you ask the same thing of multiple artists. Hope this helps!


I apologize in advance for the following rant!

Current pet peeve

I have come across quite a few cases lately where some forum members are asking REALLY annoying questions. Especially the contest thread! Very often it is because some people want things (which are uncertain to them) to be explained (which is not a problem in itself!) BUT meanwhile all necessary and important information has been explained several times. Nevertheless, people keep coming up and instead of simply scrolling through the thread and seeing whether their question has possibly already been answered, they believe that it does not apply to their very individual situation - which it does in many cases… what a surprise! This leads to the thread being spammed by all kinds of people with just unnecessary things. One case that made me literally do a facepalm was where someone said: I really wanna enter but I don’t know how to write, code, animate, …
Honestly, what do you wanna answer to that…?! :roll_eyes: :woman_facepalming:

(We all started somewhere by the help of tutorials, or just with learning by doing, instead of going public with our laziness…)

Look, I’m a nice & decent person and I also think that threads are meant to share your ideas and opinions, and see how people react to it. Totally fine ‘n’ dandy! I also like to help or give constructive criticism when asked. But when a large amount of people come up, talking about their ideas and asking others: “Do you think this will suffice? Will this fit the prompt?” … Sweetheart, we don’t know! Just PM @/Melani3 in private and ask her about your idea fully detailed, instead of spamming the same questions all over again. Or do the work and look through the thread first, whether your issue has already been “solved”. Which now has been the case for a lot of people, as far as I could follow.

When 3 people have already asked whether 8 chapters have to be published before the deadline and Melanie has already confirmed that then they have to be published before the deadline! No matter whether you publish them all at once or one by one… I’m sorry if I stepped on anybody’s feet and in case some of you who I have described feel addressed now: It’s nothing personal! I’m sure you guys are super nice people, but spamming the thread is just both unnecessary and doesn’t put you in a positive light. Please, do the work to go through the thread first. :pray: It’s just a week, either. It’s not that long yet!

For everyone who read through to the end: Thank you for your attention and patience! But after two days of the mess described above I had to blow off some steam… :woozy_face:


Ok, but this was the rant I never knew I needed. The amount of times I had to give people the same answer over and over again. It was so much that I literally copy and paste the same response. Like I think most people hate when people spam threads with questions or things they could have found if they actually took the time to read it. Like the amount of people who have wrote out what they wanted in the limelight wish list thread. Like melani3 literally says that you need screenshot proof of what you want to request and the amount of people who put gem choice items in the thread is annoying. It is just me and the same person explaining to people what they should and shouldn’t put in the thread. Like I do have the time? Yes, I am on here too much it is a problem but surely you can just read through it first before adding stupid questions that have already got their answers.


This also relates to coding. Like someone came at a coder since they advised that the OP look up their problem first before making spam threads on basic directing.


My point exactly! You don’t wanna know how many times I’ve been shouting at my screen because of that… :joy: “JUST SCROLL THROUGH THE M*THEREFFIN’ THREAD!”




when people share a serious and personal thing and then the promoters are like “meanwhile r4r?” its immature and dumb


Hmm, not so sure if it’s a pet peeve… but it’s so sad how artists, and editors put “please don’t steal” in their posts here because it made it seem like art thieves, and tracers are super common in this community. (I don’t know if that’s the case)

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