What is your deifinition of "............."

Hello, I am writing a story and I want to ask you something.
What’s your deifinition of a long chapters?
1000 lines? including the dialogue and directing.

Thank you for reading (and giving an answer).

2000 - 2500 lines. I write 2000 in my story

It’s hard to go by lines because of spacing and how many commands you put on a single line. It’s best in my opinion to judge length based on time. A chapter should take around 10 to 15 minutes to read in my opinion.

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I say around from 1800 - 2500, the longer the better

I agree with Purple_Ghost, but if you want to know by lines, I usually cut it off at 2000. It’s usually pretty long by then. Any longer and I feel like I can start another episode, but I usually stop when I find a good cliffhanger. Though I make sure it’s at least 1500 lines so I guess what I’m trying to say is 1500-2000 lines is pretty good :slight_smile: .

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