What is your Dream Update?

If episode portal was to have a new functional update, be it effects, clothes, or whatever else you can think of, for making stories what would it be?

Personally my dream list would be:

  1. Either make custom props possible or make overlays able to function like props

  2. Make a phone app that can work as an episode portal for those who don’t have a computer or at least make the website more user friendly for phones.

  3. Allow gifs to be uploaded like overlays. I heard this was possible already but I haven’t been able to figure it out so idk. However how cool would it be to have a functional looking t.v with moving pictures or fire that can move?

  4. Kids that look like kids- This is probably the one most in the realm of impossible considering the work but hey it’s my dream update list and this is one of my dream updates. I do think that it would be time and work well spent and a pretty big update that people would be ecstatic about. There are alot of stories looking to feature a younger version of their MC but have to settle for a very small version of the regular character model with to me doesn’t work as well considering their size and the adultness of their faces. Some people have made it work to an extent but still this would be cool.

Anyway that’s my list of dream updates.
To be clear this isn’t an attempt to try and pressure the creators into doing this stuff and I know that some of this stuff would be a lot of work for them to do so no need to tell me that over and over again. I am just interested in what people have to say about my list and weather or not they have dream updates I never even thought of.

  1. Modest Clothing (Long Skirts, long sleeved dresses, long dresses, etc)
  2. Floral Hijabs + Hijabs with multiple of colors
  3. Baggy Sweaters + Hoodies + Jackets
  4. More Sweats
  5. Loose Jeans
  6. Dance clothing
  7. Black and protective hair styles
  8. Hoop Earrings
  9. Tribe clothing (accesories, face paint, masks, etc.)
  10. Religious clothing
  11. More sneakers

Yeah, They really don’t like when people don’t dress in tight clothes or shorts apparently. Also I would like more amenities like pj’s and more choices for bathing suits as long as we’re talking clothes.



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Uve heard my rants millions of times so…ill just say agree

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A portal update that would allow extensions like Grammarly to be used in portal, (if you know how it’s possible PM me please) an update that would stop erasing letters such as “à, ç, ì, è, õ, ğ, ş, ü, ı”

These two can be implemented easily, next clothing>

Limelight has better technology than INK, they said this. If this is true, you should be able to create what we wanted in INK in Limelight. Updates should be weekly. And it shouldn’t be casual clothing only, I want cultural & fashion clothing as well.

Face features and hairs… they are easy to create, then release them. Simple as that, give me my scars.

I can’t think of anything else…


I want my muscular women :triumph:


Different body types!!


The trending page is such a drag honestly tho. It makes it seem like episode is all about how many views you get when really all that promotes is to make generic wide appeal stuff which is boring and episode makes anyway. We need a library thay is sorted with genre and from A-to Z and nothing else.


Yesss!!! I hate that my character who is suppose to be thin and nerdy has a six pack and wide football player shoulders and fat characters are just impossible.

  2. everything else people are suggesting lel

The Limelight guys take up SO much space with their damn shoulders! Like can I have my lanky or average male body types???


Emo/Goth clothing soo much and authors who let us wear them instead of tight clothes and croptops

  1. More Cultural Clothes (Asian Especially!)

  2. All the hairstyles! (Just when I thought we had all the new hairstyles from the character tech they added more. Kms)

  3. More music options

  4. New Animations

  5. The backgrounds from Positively Princess

  6. Fantasy clothing!!! SERIOUSLY

  7. Prince/Princess Attire

  8. Mermaid tails

  9. Props like skateboards, swords, and more
    food items.

  10. More overlays

  11. Expanded skin tones (gold 02 is pale and gold 03 is tan, WHY IS THE JUMP FROM SKIN SHADE SO LARGE?!)

  12. Updated Guidelines that are fair

  13. Fat Amy Body

  14. All the unreleased clothes in featured stories

  15. Better looping backgrounds

  16. Better car overlays

  17. Cell Phone text Cinematic style (like spotlight but for texts)

  18. CIGS

  19. Hats



Yeah, they should make the music and sound effects customizable too along with props cause there are free domain sounds that we could use but aren’t allowed to because someone might upload a jay z so they’d have to review everything which would be a hassle. Also if you want to use spotlight for text messages there is a command to temporarily turn on spot light and use it for a scene. Idk, you probs already know that but I just wanted to say so just in case

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Right now my dream update would be… Being able to sort backgrounds and overlays that’s been uploaded into folders. There are some many of them. It hurts my eyes looking at how unorganized it is. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would also love piercings and more tattoos. I’m a bit disappointed with the LL tattoos for guys. There are a lot of clothing options that hide them.


Omg yess Grammerly is my life saviour!!! I copy paste my story onto google docs to correct via Grammerly then pump back onto Episode portal to continue my story hahah.


I want them to release the shooting with a bow animation from Matchmaker.
More Fantasy clothing.
Modest clothing
Long skirts and tops that we can combine like in INK
Sword prop and sword fighting animation
Spellcasting Animation
New backgrounds and music


I agree with everyone who has said something above, so for the sake of not wasting space, I’ll just ad one more:
I would like shoes for girls (I think they’re called FLATS) that are not sneakers or boots that are not high heeled, as I wish my character could wear flats without the heels at the bottom- high heels are not a normal thing (unless for work) you wear everyday for most people, and it’s an inconvenience to many scenes. Another thing I want to add are search filterers.
If you get in and something pops up saying if you’re 13-? , at least some people will press it and if you press it, Episode will have a story filter which blocks you from reading stories under a “mature” category.

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