What is your favorite book? 📚

What is your favorite book?
Which book you recommend?
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One of my favorite book is
Confusion by Cate Clark

I really recommend this book because the intrigue is captivating and the mysteries really intrigue us throughout the novel.

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My favorite book series is A song of ice and fire.

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My favorite book ever is the Lovely Bones, it’s my go-to for book reports and long car rides.

Some of the content can be distressing/triggering, but I absolutely love the way that the characters are written. There’s also a movie that was one point on Netflix! The movie left some stuff out, but it’s still really good when compared to the book.

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My favorite books are Everything, Everything and 13 Reasons Why :slight_smile:

If you want to read a tearjerker and a romance story all in one book then I’d recommend Everything, Everything.

Now if you want to read a good tearjerker-mystery kinda book then I’d recommend 13 Reasons Why.

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I saw the movie for that! I found the movie for The Lovely Bones kinda scary but if I had to I’d watch it again.

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It definitely is scary, in a non-traditional way.

Honestly, it made me extremely paranoid. Like, I was scared something like what Susie went through was gonna happen to me or someone I know :grimacing: It also has some sad but eye opening religious aspects that a lot of books don’t talk about

My favorite book ever since fifth grade is Maniac Magee

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My favourites are Eat me up, The hollows by Kim Harrison, Fear me not, Lovely viscious

My fav book is suspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond

I cried as well lol. It’s my favourite book as well!

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My all time favorite book is “A Time To Kill” by John Grisham–it was made into a movie…The book was tons better than the movie in my opinion…was just a very gripping story…8-]]