What is your favorite HSMTMTS ship?

Personally, my favorite ship is Ricky and Gina (Rina!) and Iā€™m hoping they are endgame. But feel free to share your opinions on your ships for the show respectfully. :heartpulse:

  • EJ and Gina
  • Ricky and EJ
  • Ricky and Nini
  • Ricky and Gina
  • Ricky and Lily
  • Jack and Gina
  • Carlos and Seb
  • Big Red and Ashlyn
  • Kourtney and Howie
  • Ms Jenn and Mr Mazzara

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The OG Troy and Gabriella I am showing my age here


that was the best ship literally, it was the first couple i ever shipped


Yesss! They are iconic and so adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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