What is your favorite/least fav Featured Story?


Hi guys. :slight_smile:

I was wondering, what is your favorite and least favorite Featured Story on episode?
My favorite is Pitch Perfect, and my least fav is It Starts With a Bra.

Does anyone actually have a favourite episode featured story?
What are the best and worst Episode featured stories to all of you?

My favorites are Lost and Tangled Love and I don’t like it starts with a bra either!


Fave: Haute as Hell
Least: …In My Bed!!!


My favorite is Falling for the Dolans (I Loveeeeee them!)
My least favorite is Pitch perfect


I haven’t read in my bed but judging from the description it sounds like crap lol


Fav: Glitch Girl

Least fav: …In My Bed!


Same girl :grin:
Love the Dolans as well :heart:


Fav: The New Girl (#Jandon)
Least fav: Faking Death ( it’s been 5months and the author hasn’t updated it)


I like The Secret of Rain.
I really don’t like In My Bed.


Favorite: Mean Girls :sparkling_heart:

Least favorite: …In My Bed!!!


Favorite: The Secret of Rain
Least Favorite: …In My Bed :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Favorite: Back and Forth
Least Favorite: It Started With A Bra as well

I mean, WHY is Episode supporting this story?


My favourite featured story of all time is probably Venomous, though I also really like Tangled Love :))
And I honestly don’t really like Fake Love, True Love.


A little old school idk if this was an actual featured story but

Fav- Always Talk To Strangers/The President Daughter
Least Fav- It’s Started With A Bra


Honestly, I really dislike all the ‘bad boy’ stories. They seem so two dimensional, with the hot mysterious guy and cute, small-town girl. Faking Death and The Secret of Rain are much better!


I’m a new player who really wants to know the best (and worst) episode featured stories! Also, please tell me some good stories that may not be featured. Thanks!


Featured Stories

Confessions of a Teenage Detective
Haute as Hell

…In My Bed!!!
It Started With A Bra

Some good stories that aren’t featured (user stories)

Echo Creek by writingwithjade - Read it if you like choices that matter, there’s some fantasy and there’s a mystery element and there’s romance too. Ok, there’s basically a bit of everything.
Hit and Run by Elise C - Read it if you like when your choices determine other character’s fates (life or death type of choices). Also it’s complete
Welcome to The Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX - fantasy story, but plays on gender roles, so read it if you want a story that makes you actually think.
Challenge Accepted by Annie Edison - read for some light hearted humour - it’s also completed so you don’t have to worry about waiting for updates :wink:
Who We Are by J Santiago - another upbeat type of story, centered around MC moving to college - read this for pretty AF directing.


My absolute favorite Episode Story is The Royal Baby. I’m a sucker for the royalty stories, and that is by far the one with the most interesting plotline and characters.

Other stories I love are The Baby Project, Back and Forth, Living With My Crush, Summer Share, and Catfish. Of the more mainstream ones, the Mean Girls and Pitch Perfect, and Demi Lovato stories are great, as well!

There are a few I’ve tried to read that I was never able to get through. I’m not a fan of It Starts With a Bra, Bad Boy Neighbor, Loving Bad, and Troublemaker. I’m not really into the stories about the bad boys. :laughing: And I didn’t have fun with the Pretty Little Liars or Clueless stories, either.


I guess my favourite would be Mean Girls, because this was the only featured story that I actually finished reading :smile: Not really my style but this was the first thing I read on Episode and I thought it was pretty cute. Then I started Troublemaker and Loving Bad and I got so disappointed that I almost deleted the app but I decided to read user stories instead.

I completely ignored featured stories until Haute as Hell @amberose, did you mean this? :slight_smile: came out. I started reading it because I like Langdon’s writing style and though I haven’t finished this yet, I would recommend it, it is an entertaining read.
Who knows why I also read 3 episodes of It Starts With a Bra and I’m pretty sure it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever came across on the app.

My favourite user stories:

  • I Despise You by Isabella Costa

  • Fine Line by Evil Ebonni

  • Infamous by Kayla S.

  • One of the Girls by Amberose

  • Flashback Friday by Daisy W.

@amberose :open_mouth:
I was just about to post a list with your story when I saw this :flushed:


Favorite: Pretty Little Liars
Least: …In My Bed!!!