What is your favorite/least fav Featured Story?


Hi guys. :slight_smile:

I was wondering, what is your favorite and least favorite Featured Story on episode?
My favorite is Pitch Perfect, and my least fav is It Starts With a Bra.


My favorites are Lost and Tangled Love and I don’t like it starts with a bra either!


Fave: Haute as Hell
Least: …In My Bed!!!


My favorite is Falling for the Dolans (I Loveeeeee them!)
My least favorite is Pitch perfect


I haven’t read in my bed but judging from the description it sounds like crap lol


Fav: Glitch Girl

Least fav: …In My Bed!


Same girl :grin:
Love the Dolans as well :heart:


Fav: The New Girl (#Jandon)
Least fav: Faking Death ( it’s been 5months and the author hasn’t updated it)


For me it’s
Likes: Kill my love
Dislike: cough chain reaction cough my darkest love and the idea of in my bed


I like The Secret of Rain.
I really don’t like In My Bed.


Favorite: Mean Girls :sparkling_heart:

Least favorite: …In My Bed!!!


Favorite: The Secret of Rain
Least Favorite: …In My Bed :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


Favorite: Back and Forth
Least Favorite: It Started With A Bra as well

I mean, WHY is Episode supporting this story?


My favourite featured story of all time is probably Venomous, though I also really like Tangled Love :))
And I honestly don’t really like Fake Love, True Love.


A little old school idk if this was an actual featured story but

Fav- Always Talk To Strangers/The President Daughter
Least Fav- It’s Started With A Bra