What is your favorite/least fav Featured Story?


My favorite : Dripping mascara by @GenevieveM Joseph Evans fantasy stories, Elemental Wars by Thyla, Monster rebellion by thyla. Least favorite : There are too many bad stories to name: sweat_smile:


:joy::joy: How embarrassing! I just said it was one of my favorites but I couldn’t even remember the name :woman_facepalming:


Mean girls was so fun!


So, since episode featured stories are mostly disliked by episode players. Do you have a favourite episode featured story? I find troublemaker to be the only tolerable one since I liked it agessss ago. But looking back, I can see the stereotypes…


I like Joseph Evan’s stuff, The Secret of Rain and Glitch Girl (and his old stuff from the Classic days, but those aren’t featured)
The Demi series and Cameron Dallas ones I liked, even though I don’t know the first thing about either celeb.


Other than that, every featured story I’ve read was because I needed gems :joy:


Those are good! Ugh, gems! Forgot about those since I don’t read featured stories anymore :joy:


I don’t rlly like any of them because they always asks for gems, which is so annoying :unamused:

And because most of them are pretty cliche and I prefer (don’t dislike) unique stories.


Period! But in my bed was on another level…


I didn’t read that! Looked at it and was like nah :joy:


I did…out of interest… boy, it was terrible…see this is where episode baffles me


You know those ads they make, where it’s like,
“Oh no! I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my dad! What should I do?”
[Yell at them]
[Join them]
And you see them and go… come on, episode isn’t like that.
But then you actually play featured stories and it’s like hm, this isn’t much better.


Right!!! Like, they exaggerated it so much! If that decision was in an actually story, the outcome wouldn’t be affected whatsoever…


Fave: Haute As Hell
Least Fav: everything they’ve recently come out with lmfao


Fave: The Secret of Rain & Haute As Hell & Mean Girls & PLL s1
Least: Everything else