What is your Favorite movie and why?


The world is ending… You NEED Netflix. So, you get on Netflix. The world is ending and there is only time for ONE movie? What do you choose…


Movie on Netflix would be The Package
Movie in general Why him?
TV show on Netflix would be The Office


Forrest Gump that movie is amazing and all the Kill Bill movies because I love the violence


To all the boys I’ve loved because it soo awesome and it’s goals…:heart::heart::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tired_face:


YES OMG I WATCHED IT!!! so good!


:rofl::rofl:how was it??:blue_heart:


AWESOME! If you like that, u should watch the kissing booth. It’s boarder line, but so good!


I did


The fast and furious :100::100::100::100:


Jeez. Your topics are so extreme. LOL

Anyways…uhm…I guess…

If it was going to be the last movie I ever saw, I’d want to enjoy myself I guess. The Mummy <3 <3

The original one. Not the more recent dumb one


hehe ya XD


Loveee Kill Bill :sunglasses:


I have three faves - American Pie, Pirates of the Caribbean & Harry Potter (All)

I love them all simply because there awesome :grin:




On Netflix? I Am Number Four. hides face :blush:


Rush Hour , Men In Black and Scary Movie are the ones i will watch

Rush Hour - Comedy with Jackie Chan and the other handsome comedian

Scary Movie - Parody , but a great one ! Memes come from there too

Men In Black - Good old days … i still like Will Smith’s appearence


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