What is your favorite thing Episode author's do?

What is your favorite thing Episode author’s do? It could be anything! Like references to popular artists, or something like adding music as an optional choice in stories (some of us like our own music playing in the background and really don’t need Episode’s music playing over it).

OR what’s something you wished authors did more of? For example letting the readers find out information about the characters through the flow of the story, I really don’t need a summary description of who the characters are in the first episode!


I really love when authors put effort into their “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) either by making it creative or adding questions after every few episodes. :see_no_evil:


I love when there’s many mini games! Some authors get really creative with it and it’s really fun


YES! But it is also really easy to fuck them up :sob: Saw one in an Episode Official story yesterday and it was so lame … it’s disappointing :confused:


I don’t usually read FAQs so I’ve never seen this but already thinking about adding this to my story!

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My favorite things Episode authors do

  • When they add music
  • When they add full customization
  • When they come up with a more unique story

Things I wish Episode authors did more of

  • Add body type selection
  • Use tropes either that aren’t used more or haven’t been used before

What are some tropes you think are unpopular?


Well, here goes:

  • Reality TV
  • Pregnancy
  • Friends to lovers
  • Slowburn romance
  • Real romance
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I feel like I’ve most of these :thinking: But I get it sometimes it’s not done the best?

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