What is your favorite way to start a story? Suggestions Needed!

Hey what is your likes and dislikes to starting a story. Like what gets you guys hooked!

a sneak peek to what’s going to happen!
lots of narration and mystery :wink:

I was planning on doing a flashback for my story where the MC parents get into a major car crash and well… pass away. Then it flashes forward to her and her grandma in a graveyard looking at their parents grave. They say their grieves and all of that then the MC hears something behind them. The MC turns around to see a handsome, shadowy, man by the nearby woods. (It is the love interest). Then it flashes forward to present time. Is that a good start or do I need anything else/changes. Sorry its kinda long lol but I’m just trying to get suggestions haha.

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that sounds amazing!
if you ever need anymore suggestions or help, you can request on my thread <3

I will head over there right now, thank you! :cupid:

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no problem :pleading_face:
i’m glad that i can help!


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even though starting with flashbacks is usually not my cup of tea, i have to admit that your plan sounds really interesting and i think i’d certainly be quite hooked lol :D. it has that element of mystery that gets ya curious. the most important thing is to avoid info-dumping and then you’re good i guess ;). well in my head i imagined those scenes as really fast flashbacks with no narration at all but i don’t if that would work out well in episode

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