What is your favourite animal? Tell me your reason, do you have an animal at home? : 🙈 🙉

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Hiya guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so I was thinking…like always :joy:

What is your favourite animal?
Tell me why?

What animal do you have at home?

My favourite:
*-Its realy independent and rare
-I love how it hunts
-They love their family
-They are realy friendy (but not wild ones)
-They are realy realy clever (like all animals

What animal do I have at home:

  • 2 Hamsters
    -and a dog (lol forgot about it)

I am an animal lover


My favorite animal is Zebra because it’s fast and why not? I have a puppy at home :grin:


My favorite animal is Cat because they are like fluffy little cutie pies, they are clever, caring, playful, little weirdos, understanding, good hunters and often very loyal. :white_heart:

And i have a cat at home! :relaxed:


no i dont have animals my mom would kill me
chickens i had a favorite chicken but she got killed i think :cry:
dogs my neighbors had dogs me and my cousins would bring them something to eat cause there owners are piece of poop and in the end they got rid of them
there is a lot more you will get bored if i continue


Dogs can have my heart :sob::two_hearts:
I have a doggie at home!

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My favorite animals are alligators/crocodiles. Idk y, I just think they look cool lol. And I have one dog at home


My favorite animal is a chimpanzee because they’re so childish and playful but very intelligent too–I own an 7 month old Aussie!


Great Blue Heron beacuse they so beautiful, calm and smart birds in my opinion. I don’t have pet heron but I have 2 pet rabbits. Plus, I love watching them looking down at the water trying to catch fish and other small creatures, and catching fish too!

Rock badger

It’s cutee :see_no_evil: And its normal face expression is quite funny :woozy_face:

Two dogs. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ayyy cats are better than dogs



They’re the perfect mixture of stealth, intelligence, and beauty. I mean seriously, their freshly shed scales are absolutely gorgeous.

I have a siamese cat and a leopard gecko!


I have both a dog and a cat. But if I had to choose, I would choose a cat as my favourite animal because of her intelligence and independence, she also likes cuddling more than my dog, he is not cuddly type, he is more into chasing balls and sticks and stuff like that, also my dog cannot be alone for a minute or he is going to whine as long as you don’t start giving him attention and sometimes I have a lot of stuff to do for my uni and he just keeps bothering me to the point where I have to ask my sister to watch him for a while. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE THEM BOTH SO SO MUCH, but I just prefer cats a little bit more :blush:


Cats and cartoon fish. :joy: (I watched finding dory and now I am obsessed with dory since she made me happy when I was down) As for cats they envision what I want to be but they scare me as well. :joy: I don’t have any pets tho because they scare me as I don’t like having things around that can creep up behind me.

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