What is your favourite food/desert/beverage👀😋

Mine is cheesecake…share yours down below :sunflower:


I really enjoy french fries and most strawberry related things!

Apologies for my grammer as it is 03:42 in the morning for me. Lol

I love strawberries!!

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Its 9:43pm for me lmao

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Oh and also Bubble Tea! (Boba)


:joy::joy: i never had that before

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Mine is red velvet cake :laughing:

Oooo red velvet! :yum:

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I love sprite. Unlike food, I would gladly take it anytime.

:joy::joy: im trying to cut out from all that acid but its hard!

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OMG same! I’m a big fan of french fries (with cheese sauce and bacon flakes :chef:) and strawberry desserts (and strawberry itself! :strawberry:)

I actually have a lot of favorite food, dessert, and drinks! :joy:

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Same, I’m craving for strawberries now. :((

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Same, I want to eat some strawberries too :pensive: :strawberry:

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I’d say Italian pasta, pizza, and sandwiches are my favorite foods! But I’m sure there’s more I love too lol.

For dessert… chocolate, chocolate and MORE chocolate!!! :yum::heart_eyes: But most any desserts are delicious to me! I may have a bit of a sweet tooth hehe…

For drinks? You can’t go wrong with lemonade!



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I love boba tea

I do not like cheesecake. :pensive::pensive:

Food: Burritos.
Beverage: Raspberry Iced Tea with Lemon
Dessert: I have no clue lol :sweat_smile:

Yessss pasta is literally the best.

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