What is your favourite story? And why?

What’s your favourite story? And why?
Which story has affected on you the most?
Suggestion for a good story!

Sorry for my mistakes in English:) thanks anyway❤

Recommended/Favorite stories: AW: Timeless, Dare to Dream, The Infected, The Don, The Shadows, & Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane.

Give them all a shot!

AW:Timeless: very interactive, great plot,

Dare to Dream: Realistic & Creative.

The Infected: Unique & Interactive.

The Don: Amazing Characters & Directing. I laughed so hard :rofl:.

The Shadows: Amazing Directing, Twists, & Interactive.

Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane: Fun & Interactive.

A story that really affected me? Love Me Black & Blue by effydoses.

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Omg. Someone reply!!:joy:

I will read all of them :heart:

My favorite all time story is Speak by J. Miley
It is also the story that has affected me the most.
It is a very raw and realistic portrayal of mental health struggles, overcoming fears, and inner strength. Its one of the few stories that has made me cry because I can connect with the main character so well. The Ink version is complete, but she is currently revamping the story in Limelight and it is so much better.

I also like
The Night We Met by Bars
Shadow Heir by Arrows
Scorned by Amber J Martin
Watch Me Fly by Cece Marie
Iridescent by Indigo
Love Me Black and Blue by Effy Ameer
Making Lemonade by Joriemar


Wow! You helped me to find out what the next i’ll read :sparkling_heart:

And thanks for replying

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It’s my first topic … i just wanted some recommendations about good stories :blush:

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Duemadiri is amazing. It’s a VN-style story (like spotlight, but all the characters are drawn; the art is beautiful) that doesn’t actually use the episode characters except for I think one or two scenes. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s one of the stories that got me back into my obsession with medieval fantasy stories.

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My favourite story is anything by Kayla Sloans… it hasn’t affected me in any way but her stories are were you will find the best directing and comedies :purple_heart:


If you want recommendations I can help just let me know what kind of stories you like :thinking:

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I love all kind of stories :joy::heart:
Could you recommend some stories to me? I would read them all

  • Dead 7, Infamous, War Dogs - Kayla Sloans
  • One of The Girls - @amberose
  • Renegades - Sonja Kingston
  • Bubblegum - Sarah Dove
  • Mindreader - @Alusza
  • Lie to Me - Alexandra Mar
  • Life’s a Witch - @arielcodilla
  • Villainous Heroes - Lyra Keiken

These are a few I can remember from the top of my head… I’m awful at tags so I’ve only tagged 3 since those are the only ones I know :joy:


Thank you! :blush:

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Thank you so much :heart::heart::heart:

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Hi, try reading The Society (of Haverford), The Ruby Tiara, and Reign.

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Obsession much :roll_eyes:

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This is late, but ahh thank you so much <3

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Austentatious - E,R Gurney - Hands down the best romance story I’ve ever read. The connection between the two, and their fight to be with one another really creates a unique and wonderful plot.

Dare to Dream - Sarah R. - Cutest story I’ve personally read, has very great directing and lovable characters.

The Shadows - Cece Marie - Probably the scariest story I’ve read? :joy: The art scenes are terrifying, and the storyline itself is equally as horrifying. Includes advanced directing, to make the story even better than it already is. (Probably the only story I will be a little afraid to read at night)


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Thank you :heart:

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