What is your favourite story?


Mine is Porcelain by Rahatul.


My Psycho
By Bukii Di.
I live for it :sob:


Omagah I can’t believe I actually got reply


Lol Why wouldn’t you? I love posting my favorite stories :joy:.

Also My second favorite is probaly
Demigoddess by @gisellec it is amazing!!!


Dirty Little Secrets :slight_smile:
If you guys know some interest stories let me know :smiley:


I am new here in community so I didn’t know I could get this fast reply


:joy::joy: I reply fast to everything :joy::joy:


Also if anyone likes romance my story is like romcom called Inseparable the name it TeahWalker323 for the author


I will read it,thanks :smiley:


I will read it too!


Chain Reaction By @missmj


That is a great one!!!


Speak by @J.Miley




mine is pshyco and living with the vampire brothers by bukki its to die forr!






did you finish it?


Yes Both!!! OMG I need more :sob: Love Me Some Ryder And Ryan :joy:


I would say my own story but that seems unfair :joy::joy:

I did start reading Dead Roses by Beeble Hope today and I’M ADDICTED! Wish I had more time to read :sob::sob: