What is your ideal lenght of a chapter?

For example: 2000 lines, or 20 minutes… :cherry_blossom: :yellow_heart:

10 to 15 minutes is best in my opinion. It doesn’t drag on to long or feel like a waste of passes.


10 to 15 minutes is good. I usually don’t have much more time or I can’t concentrate for longer.

2000-2500 lines it lasts 15mins for me cuz I write leaving lines

I’m currently writing my second episode and its around 1250 lines long - I timed it and it took around 12-13 minutes

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My first chapter is about 3000 lines and its still not complete…
So, basically whatever you write just keep in mind to have it around 10- 15 minutes…

5-10 minutes (p.s I’m a fan of short episodes lol)

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