What is your ideal story you'd love to read?

hello everyone, I am currently writing a story and I’d love to know whats the ideal story you’d read it can go up to directing, grammar, storyline, and even the characters. I’d love your insights on all the topics and advice on what to avoid when writing a story.

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It’s hard to say, because two stories can be completely different and be both really great. But in my opinion, there’s still things that I find important in every story:

  1. Good grammar. I understand this can be tough, I’m not even a native english speaker myself, but it makes a big difference. And by good grammar I don’t mean absolutely no mistakes, I don’t mind a few. But too much becomes distracting to the story.

  2. Directing. I personally love directing. I have a tendency to do really complicated directing that takes me WAYYY too long :joy: Of course, you are not at all obligated to do complex directing to have a good story, but at least try to spot direct your characters. They look way more natural and seem to fit more into the background when you spot direct them then when you just you character stands screen center.

  3. Use overlays! They’re fun, kinda easy to use and add a lot! (In my opinion)

  4. Have 3-dimensional characters. And by that I mean, develop their personalities. Have them have flaws, trauma, backstory, passions, dreams, etc. You can make their life as sad or as happy as you’d like, but nobody has a perfectly happy life, and nobody has a strictly sad life. Also, add more than one trait to your characters. Nobody is just smart, or just evil, for example. Try to make all of your characters different from one another, personality-wise. Of course, some can have similar traits, but don’t make two characters practically the same. Little tip: If you plan out your characters’ backstory before writing, you don’t have to include it all in the story. Just the fact that YOU know what happened to them in their life can help you write how they act and react to things. Every situation changes and shapes people, and the reader doesn’t need to be aware of all of those situations for the characters to be shaped into who they currently are. (I hope that was understandable, ahah!)

  5. HAVE DIVERSITY!!! I love when a story includes all kinds of different people, not just boring bad boy straight white guy, you know?

  6. Avoid clichés and overdone plots. For example, there’s already a lot of bad boy and mafia stories out there. Try to do something else, something different, something that will stand out! And if you really want to do a bad boy or mafia-type story, that’s completely fine, but try to give it a twist!

  7. Play with zooms! Zoom on different characters when they speak! It makes the scene WAY more dynamic!

  8. Make sure your story makes sense from start to end. Personally, I like to plan out my story before I start writing. You don’t have to do that, of course, but at least having a vague idea of where things are going can help make sure that you don’t end up losing the original point of the story. I like reading stories that are consistent plot-wise!

I could have written more, but I’m gonna stop there to not end up writing a whole book, ahah! Hope this helped at least a bit! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Also, not having these things in a story DOES NOT AT ALL MEAN THAT YOUR STORY IS BAD. This is just my personal opinion on what can make a story even better!


an ideal story for me

  1. have a plot I care about, personally I dont like wearwolf stories, so I am not gonna read it even if it has evrything els I love. but this is an opinion there is diffrent from person to person, many love wearwolfs and they will read it.

so yeah write what you wanna write.

2 directing with out mistakes. the once I usally see are. using enters exist all the time, spot directing look so much better
face wrong way or be on the wrong layer. so people walk over you
pan to show all 3 zones. it takes forever and dosent matter
you need to zoom, the character is importen not the background.
places match where you have them been. dont make them in an aparment with look out over the city, then they walk outside and its mansion in the forest. that dosent fit togheter
using wrong animations, like a talk animation when they dont talk, or not talking animation when they do. or you use a loop and they keep talking when they are done.
people first been on screen a second after it started.

  1. dont be lazy and use default characters. change them, and espically change clothes. it needs to fit the scene they are in.
    also be carefull not to have same face syndrome, many use the same face features on all characters, personally I try to live by the rule of not using same features twize. unleash its family which should look alike.

  2. dont rush, you have no deadline, and its better to release something good, then half-arse it . you wanna make something good right. then wait prod read. and defently get someone to read it before you publish.

  3. dont steal art and use copyright matiriel, its agaisnt the rules, so keep away from pinterest and google.

  4. I love charaters with personlaity, including the side characters, give them opinions feelings a backstory. I love a badass MC, please badass, that means strong and indepents, not rude and abusive. abusive is not funny dont use it as jokes. or like its a good idea

7 love slow burn, hate love at first sight. like how can you love someone you know nothing about? I think you consufe love with sexual attraction

8choies, need them, but they need to be an actually, need to be more then two lines change, or a lie, like pick a or b, but if you pick b they stil do a. then its not a choice.