What is your most embarrassing school moment?

I’ll explain one of mine:


Mine is probably when I was in fifth grade and we were using these knock-off Oreo cookies to recreate different phases of the moon for Science. I leaned into my table and said that these were no-reos! My teacher noticed and said that something in the lines of how i had to deal with having them. That memory never leaves my brain- :woman_facepalming:

But please comment down below your most embarrassing school moment. Don’t be afraid to share, cause we can all cringe together. :sparkling_heart:


this was a few years ago lol

okay so i had one of them alarm keychains on my locker keys and when i went to lock my locker the strap that you pull was trapped in the door and i didn’t realise until i’d already turned the key. so the alarm went off and there were people in the corridor. i was practicing dying inside :heart_eyes:


Back in sophomore year of high school, after school in the parking lot, I was in my car with my friends and we were messing around. Then all of a sudden the car alarm went off. So, everyone was looking my way as I was trying to turn it off. Of course you could just press the button on your keys to turn it off but my key buttons were broken. I didn’t replace the battery beforehand so I had no way to turn it off. Some guys tried to help me turn it off because it was so loud and a lot of people were looking at me. I was so embarrassed because I had no way to turn it off. Then after a couples minutes of torture, it finally turned off. I had no idea how it stopped but I was honestly glad it did. The next few days were embarrassing because those who knew it was me, kept bringing it up and joking about it.
But the jokes only lasted that week, thank god! :sweat_smile:


It is when we have a ballet dance project at school. I was leading the team I assigned to, but they ditched me on the day of the performance and only 1 showed up. I guess it’s because we really didn’t have enough practice.
The one who showed up is my male partner. We weren’t able to follow the performance planned because there is only 2 of us so we started to improvise.

The thing is, the performance was made outside the school grounds, visible to public and like legit, everyone in school come out to watch.
THAT IS SO EMBARRASING. The costume and dance and everything.

Oh highschool. Haha! :smiley:

Btw, I’m new here. Nice to meet you guys!


I was in sixth grade and had this huge crush on this boy.

So, it was around Valentine’s Day. At the time I was in Art Therapy, oof. I made him two valentine’s day cards that were heart shaped. OOF. I also had some chocolates for him.

So the next day, in our language arts class, in front of the entire class, I gave those cards that I made to him, along with the chocolates. One of my sorta friends laughed at me. She was wack, okay.

Yeah, I regret it all.

I’m a sophomore in highschool now.


I love Ballet. I’m doing the Cecchetti method! I’m in grade 2 and been doing it for a year.

Anyway, dang did the performance go well tho?


That’s nice! I love ballet too but the idea of me doing it is just a No ahaha. Keep doing it!
It was like a one time project we have in music and arts so we really don’t have any idea about it and how to do it. The practice we did is just a copy from internet ahaha.


Waaa, I would die! Ahaha, how did he react?? :sneezing_face:


Bahaha i got this, I have so many embarrassing moments, but this one stands out the most

I was in middle school and I had a crush on this guy. I had decided this time I wasn’t going to hide it like I always did, but instead of outright confessing I decided to be extremely obvious and hope he got the message.

So everyday I would stare at him, when he told me a joke I would laugh but very loudly, and when my friends teased me about liking him, I pretended I didn’t but made it very obvious that I was lying.

Anyways, I got tired of waiting for him to talk to me or block me, So the genius that I am wrote a letter during lunch, which was filled with extremely cringe things and got my friend to give it to him on the playground. In front of all his friends and everyone on the playground read it. Even what you would call the popular people.

one of them asked if I was depressed

Back then, I was so embarrassed by how childish I was lol

He’s now one of my closest friends and we just laugh about it lol.


Idk why I’m sharing this since It’s quite embarrasing but uhh, here we go ig :upside_down_face:

For context, the lockers in my school were those ones where there are some on the top and on the bottom (like rows.) My locker was on the bottom row.

In middle school (like eight grade I think), I was getting something from my locker and was talking to my friend who was beside about what classes she had next, and didn’t realize that someone was getting their stuff from their locker above me. when I got up to leave, I hit my head on the kid above me’s locker. I closed their door. (idk why I closed it, I wasn’t really paying attention since I was embarrassed) The kid opens their locker again and surprise surprise, I hit my head AGAIN! Instead of trying to get up again, I just locked my locker and backed up a bit. (Stupid idea since the kid was STILL THERE!) I backed up into the kid and my face hit his uhh, ya know. Needless to say I was mortified. It didn’t help that my friend was laughing hysterically beside me. I cringe every time I think about it.


Oh noo :sob:

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Aw that’s nice to hear you’re friends!

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I actually haven’t had much but I guess like this one maybe?

Basically on Valentines Day we have this like V-day mailbox in school and on 14th of February every letter on it is given to student whose name is on it etc. and since I am in student council and my birthday is on that day, I got to hand letters out. I had given almost everyone and like one of the last envelopes where signed to [FIRSTNAME] like only their first name but rule was that on envelope there must be full name and class, I didn’t know what to do so it gave it out randomly to one person who had it name, Let’s just say it was a love letter to wrong person blah blah drama here drama there and then like everyone thought that I was like giving it to wrong person on puprose to play the matchmaker lol


omg mine would be in my french class! I had just come back from the bathroom and my hands were dry after I washed them so I was sitting in class lotioning my hands with coco butter lotion and my teacher called on me to write an answer on the board. He handed me a marker and I literally stood in front of the class for like 3 mins trying to open the market because my hands were to slippery from the lotion. :sob: literally love that for me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. I still think about that moment and cringe ahhh.


I managed to fall UP stairs.


Lol I have a couple, they’re not super long or horrible either but I can never forget about them and how embarrassed I was at the time :sweat_smile:

Cats 🐱

In middle school I made the mistake of saying “I’m part cat” but meant it in the way that I have quick reflexes and could land on my feet (plus I love cats so like :tipping_hand_woman:t3:) well everyone thought I literally believed I was PART CAT and like…the embarrassment seemed never ending! I got teased about it and called cat lady for at least a year before it started to dwindle. And a girl I had a crush on at the time wrote in my yearbook “see you next year cat lady!” and when I say my soul left my body… 🥲:weary:

Books 📚

This isn’t horrible, but in middle school I was walking through the hallway (on the right side was the cafeteria where everyone was sitting waiting for their bus) when ALL of my books fell out of my backpack. Right in the middle of the hallway. Where everyone in the cafeteria saw me clear as day :joy:

literally the most embarrassing moment ever

So this was actually pretty traumatizing for me lol at this point in my life, I was going through an identity crisis. I was really inspired by the Bratz and tried dressing like them with the limited “fashionable” clothes I had (thanks mom lol). I would braid pieces of my hair and twist hair ties in other pieces, I wore a tank top on TOP of a long sleeve shirt…anyways so there was a talent show and 4 female teachers dressed up in awesome 80’s attire and did a whole dance routine. I was so obsessed with it! After the show was over, I saw all four of them together, so I ran in front and yelled that I loved their outfits!!


Literally all they said/did….

Was SHOO ME OUT OF THE WAY because……


They were all like oh Kylie they’re taking a picture! Omg I—
I was never the same again. Literally, all jokes aside. I became super introverted after that and even to this day I have a hard time speaking up or complimenting people randomly. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Okay well ,

Once I was sleeping during a class, my bestie noticed me and started patting me in a hard way! I thought it was my professor so I started explaining why I was sleeping and why I didn’t do my homework :joy_cat:


Not my most embaressing because I have told that one too many times but this is a recent one and more entertaining. So I am in S4 which is the fourth year of high school in scotland with 6 years in total so I going to be doing exams and everything so my grades matter more than they ever have this year. So my house teacher was telling me this by going through the whole years plan. She then says people who don’t do as well as teachers have predicted are going to be questioned as to why they are not achiving that. I am trying my best in my gades but it is so hard sometimes so I accidently say “for f*ck sake” altough not aloud and you can see it on my face that I said that, she then asks if I am ok. I give her a confused expression as if I don’t know why she is talking to me.


I have two stories which are equally embarrassing :sweat_smile:


There was one time in the sixth grade when we had a play. I was some sort of “king” character and I had a staff (A stick like object) to hold.

Somewhere in the middle 2 dialogues before my part, I suddenly realized my staff was missing. And I was supposed to DRAW a line on the ground with the staff so there was no way I could continue without it. I suddenly realized my dialogue had come and I decided to mention my situation by saying "Guys stop for a hot second, my staff is missing!"

Everybody suddenly started at me for a few seconds and then a girl beside me pointed to the floor, I had dropped it and it rolled under the chair :see_no_evil:


This one was from 6th grade too. So it was recess and I was outside talking and chatting with some classmates when my best friend passed by. He’s one of those popular kids in my school but was decent and talked with everybody. A girl asked me to get him where we were standing to talk to him. I was like okay and called out to him. The thing is, I usually call him a dumb and stupid person when we’re at home and I guess I forgot I was at school so I screamed-
Hey you stupid fool, get over here!
Everybody stared at me and then I realized I looked like a jerk considering he was popular and everybody thought I was insulting him. Nobody except him spoke to me for weeks :skull:

EDIT:How could I forget this third one :joy: ?


So this was in second grade and I had a classmate who was my bench partner for the day. So I recently had a weird imagination and for no reason at all, told her I was from Nigeria and that a monkey had stolen me from there and got me to India (Where I live) and my parents had found me and decided to adopt me.

Well I realized that kind off backfired after she ran to the teacher screaming and told her everything. After a longggg talk with my parents, who were pretty confused I was told to not tell anyone weird stories and tell them stuff that happened irl instead :upside_down_face:


I grew up in a bad home and because of it I was a troubled kid- well when I was 17 I got arrested then after that one of my supposed “friends” who was with me the night I got arrested for the first time accused me of stealing her cell phone (which I didn’t) and I had a court date for that too, well I showed up and was told it had been moved to two days later, well the next day at school I was called into the Principle’s office and was arrested because I had a bench warrant for not showing up to my court date because apparently the first date was right and there was an error- here comes the embarrassing part- the cop arrested me and just my luck when it happened a bunch of my friends were in the hallway and they saw everything :sweat_smile:

I don’t like putting personal info out there especially not something like that but since we have kinda have some anonymity on here i’m cool with it haha.