What is your most embarrassing school moment?

Wow I feel insecure now haha everyone else’s embarassing moment is so normal compared to mine :joy: Gonna go hide in a corner now :see_no_evil: haha


I live in The Netherlands so teenagers use bikes as main transportation. One morning I was riding my bike to school and when I arrived there a squirrel started running towards me and I ran over it with my bike. It was an accident but everybody in school was angry with me because I “hurt” the poor squirrel.

He wasn’t dead btw. He was a bit dizzy but he climbed a tree afterwards…

This happened like 25 years ago but I will never forget it.


Ooh! I actually just remembered another.
It wasn’t mine, and the details are muddy since this happened freshman year (2016-2017), but a girl managed to sneak her dog to school.
I know she was caught, but not much else.


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