What is your motivation to writing?

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I’ve been lacking motivation for writing stories, it’s more for coding when I get something wrong and get all anxious by it not working. Or when it takes me like 2 hours to write 200 lines and give up for a couple of days, or if when I preview It and it doesn’t go with the flow and I don’t like how the chapter has turned out. I really love writing and want to finally publish my first story but I just need some type of motivation etc to help me go with the flow more, so… what do you guys do?


This is honestly really accurate to me. I get bored and mad so easily aswell but I have a notebook and I write my ideas in and when it finally makes sense and I get and idea of the story I get really motivated and exited to write. I usually write half the episode everyday so i don’t get unmotivated. I hope this helped also maybe try ordering some art - that helps me too, so the story is not just writing and directing but art aswell. Anyways hope you find your motivation soon! :white_heart: And don’t worry I have like 300 stories I started but I got unmotivated and stopped writing them! :sob: :blob_hearts:


Reading other stories of the same genre, watching movies with similar aspects, editing the characters or doing art of them, looking forward to weekly asset releases that could apply to my characters, listening to music that I can envision in the story and talking about it with friends helps get me motivated to write.

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I like creating worlds I can insert myself into. It’s a nice form of escapism. And I want other people to find escapism in my worlds too.

This relates to me so much. I plan instead of coding sometimes. Like I have a google doc where I have all the things I have in my story and I add to that and that helps me get exicted. I talk to my friends that are also writing stories and we talk about our stories and then that usually helps me get motivated. Also looking at backgrounds help sometimes. Like if you see the perfect one for your story you might get exicted. But I do not force myself to code because then it starts to feel like a chore instead of something I do for fun and I have to go back and fix it all anyway.

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as some other people said previously; watching movies that are similar in genre and style as my story, planning episodes and developing characters in my story’s doc, making character overlays, listening to the playlist I made for my story, and really just the small stuff that makes being an author so fun.

A few things I do:
I’ll check the forums and play games for a bit.
I’ll work on another chapter.
I’ll plan out future parts of the story.
Or I’ll read other stories on episode.
(Those are just episode related things. I also draw, well learn to draw new things. Or I’ll read my favorite books again.)

Or I’ll bug my dad to play games with me but that is because I’m 14 and have barley any friends IRL. (anti-socialness)

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I usually write short movie like scripts for my stories to motivate me into writing the actual story. That way, I can figure out more about my characters and get excited over how to write it. If all else fails, listen to some instrumental music!!

Ok Gurl! I get what you mean I am currently writing my first story and it’s like I have the idea in my head but when I start making the characters and stuff i just all of a sudden be like you know what flip this. And I always after that make more and more stories of the same thing (and of course never post it) and now i feel like I want to get devoted to 1 story. With all that being said the thing that helps me is watching other people stories because I see how amazing that it looks and i just want to be like “you know what let’s see if I cant take my writing to the next step” (yk what I mean) And you could listen to music, watch a story while doing it and etc. (hoped it helped)

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