What is your opinion about the passes refill time?

I love Episode and the authors who make amazing stories, but the problem with Episode is the passes.

Like, I dont have to have unlimited passes, but 4 just isn’t enough. Then we have to wait 8 HOURS!! to have them refilled, and yeah you can buy them but still, not everyone is allowed. I was ok with the 4 hours wait time, I find this so annoying. I know it has been for a while now. I used to read Episode 2-3 time a day. Now only once 4 chapters. I would find it fair to either give us 8 passes for 8 hours wait time or 4 passes for 4 hours wait time.

Just make it fair, Episode.

What is your opinion?


My waiting time is still 4 hours to get 4 passes but I wouldn’t wait 8 hours for 4 passes tbh


How is your waiting time 4 hours…

How is yours 8???


I have no idea, what was the @ of the admin here again?

@/nick @/sydney_h

Lmao bro, you’re getting scammed if you wait 8 hours for 4 passes. I have a 4 hour wait and usually episode offers me 10-12 ads to watch to cut 30 mins off the wait each every day. I haven’t binged anything in a while though.


I can watch 1 ad…

I’ve sent 5, they never responded over the past 4 months…

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@Sydney_H Can you help me out?

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Maybe it’s just us but my sister only gets 2 passes whilst I get 4 :joy::thinking:

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Usually if you exit the app and close it then return and wait a couple minutes they will offer more. Or reading a chapter, (even the first chapter of a random story) will open more up.

I think you have to play the game, and read a certain amount of episodes before they begin to give you a max of 4 passes each refill.

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I only read Uppercut community version and Jaded Love now so it’s all good for me.

I have to wait only 4 hrs.Plus, Many times,I watch ad to refill my pass instantly.So,I read 16episodes of any story daily😊

is there ad option for refill??

I like having to wait 4 hours it gives me a reason to go about my daily life and find things to do, if I only had to wait 1-2 hours I would never get anything done around the house.

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Why when I have to wait for my new passes to refill, it says 8 hours when it used to be 4? I’ve been off episode for a while but why now the double of time?

you’re not alone


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