What is your opinion about the passes refill time?

I’m not a member of the support team, so I would recommend asking them about the passes via help ticket :slight_smile:

Wait, 8 hours for 4 passes? I have never had to wait that long, only ever 4 hours.

Honestly before I had money to buy passes I had to wait 4 hour for 4 passes.

I’ve only had to wait 2-3 hours…

This may be because it takes you about an hour or two to use your passes. As soon as you spend the 4th one, the timer ticks down from 4 hours till your next refill.

That’s sort of makes sense. I don’t usually spend that much time on an episode so idk

Yes I have to wait 4 hours but when I spend time reading after the first to passes spend. That them is deducted from the 4 hour wait.

Yes that’s what I meant, the timer ticks down as soon as you spend the first of the 4 passes and its a timer of 4 hours. Usually it takes me an hour to an hour and a half to spend them all when I’m reading properly.

When I first downloaded the app in 2014 is was 2 hours. It’s been 4 hours for a very long time now and it’s still 4 for me.

8 is ridiculous and sounds like a glitch. For how long have you been getting 8 hour wait? Was it always or something recently after you updated?

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I agree with what everyone else has already said. I feel like 4 hours wait time for 4 tickets is the standard, if you’re having to wait 8 hours for just 4 tickets, you should probably submit a ticket or something. I’ve never had to wait that long.

One problem I do have though is that the ads don’t seem to be working quite well? I only get to watch like one ad which reduces -30 minutes. Not sure how many ads everyone else is able to watch though.

Okay, so I have this “BUG” or whatever you want to call this haha I’ve got this for about 8 or 9 months now, and I thought that this was for everyone. But I also asked my friend and she said that she waits only 4 hours to refill passes, so I asked my other friend and she said also that she Is waiting 8 hours to refill passes and she also get 4 passes. And I wanted now to search If this is happening to us only or Its happening to everyone… If someone could help me and my friend, why Is this happening? Also I only get to watch maybe one or two ads which reduces -30 minutes. I don’t know If this is only happening to me, but I need answers.

Thank You!

*PS, sorry for my English It’s probably bad because I’m learning English at school xD