What is your opinion about this? Let's chat!

There are a lot of things I prefer in episode stories: advanced directing, detailed thoughts (I know a lot of people have mixed opinions about that), and a great storyline that keeps me tapping. What do you think is necessary for an Episode story to be viewed by you?

What are your thoughts on mini-games and art scenes? Let me hear your thoughts!

I think that it depends on your goal. If u want to do a story that is more like a game, use minigames and choices that have an impact.

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Art scenes are sometimes so good, like the details and all, but I find sometimes it a bit too much in a hot scene. Like one story had a girl on top of a guy in an art scene, the girl was wearing shorts n no top, the dude covered the boobs with the hands… like no thnx


I like art scenes and I completely agree with @Sofiaxrosay! It gets too much.
But art scenes in a sad moment or moment that has a deep meaning behind it, they fit amazing, it makes it more emotional and real.


I don’t care for art scenes. Their presence makes no difference to my enjoyment of the story, but if they are present too frequently (like every chapter) it’s annoying and renders them less impactful.

Mini-games are nice every once in a while and are fun in some genres like fantasy and adventure.