What is your opinion of these things in stories?

I’m curious about how strongly people feel about these things I see very often in stories :slight_smile:

  1. Grammer mistakes (E.G. wrong spelling) And not just once in a while; it reoccurs several times throughout many episodes.
  2. Songs being used in every single scene (If it does / doesn’t fit the scene)
  3. Characters talking with mouth closed (animations such as idle)
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Can’t stand it.


Hmmmm when do you think music should be appropriately used in scenes, then? I’m trying to find fitting songs for some scenes, but it’s getting difficult :confused:

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I usually read Episode with the sound off because I generally don’t like the music.
Rather than always having music sometimes none is good too.
Like TV shows, they only have music during dramatic scenes or when they really need it.

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Ty!! I’ve been considering using music in certain scenes, and your opinion helps a whole lot !! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Very irritating.

If it fits, perfect. It’s better than sitting in silence, especially if they had a splash, telling me to turn sound on. Otherwise, if it doesn’t fit, it can be disctracting.

As I know it can’t always be helped. I can stand it, sometimes :smile:

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  1. It’s irritating at first but I can grow on it. My opinion on the story tho may be a little damaged.
  2. I usually have my sound off so I generally don’t care, but I would think at the right moments like the others have said.
  3. I don’t mind unless it’s often. But if it’s like:

CHARACTERNAME (idle_happy)
Awww, love you too.

Then I wouldn’t mind.

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Ty!!! :kissing_heart:

Ty!!! :smile:

Grammar mistakes I can live with to a certain extent if the story is otherwise amazeballs.
If the spelling and grammar is so bad I can’t comprehend the story or it makes the story hard to follow, then no.

Appropriate use of sounds and music is fine by me. If it’s poorly done, I don’t mind muting the story if it’s otherwise amazing. Truthfully my sound is usually on mute regardless.

Characters talking with mouth closed isn’t appealing, but if it’s just a mistake once or twice it’s not a deal breaker.
I have characters talk during a laugh animation sometimes if I try to portray that they are talking while laughing. Some people find that bothersome though.

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I don’t really care about grammar if I can understand what it says, and I don’t mind sounds being used in every single scene :joy:

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