What is your opinion on zombie apocalypse stories?

I have been thinking about writing one for a long time. I really liked TWD, and the zombie stories on Episode (Infected, 7 Friends, Dead End, Sanctuary).

- what are some cliches/annoying things related to this genre?
- what would you like to see in a zombie story?
- what should I avoid when writing one?


Hi! As someone who is really big on zombie/survival stories, I’d say that my favourite thing to see is the tense character dynamics, people acting out of desperation from the situation - it keeps things suspenseful and entertaining. I also love difficult decisions, like someone is infected and should they risk themselves to keep the person with them or kill them to protect themselves? A cliché to avoid I think is the raiders/military/government who are evil for no reason. If you want to add a human villain to your story, I’d suggest giving them more of an “us or them” mentality because it makes for more interesting interactions and gives them actual motive for their actions. The biggest thing for me with a zombie story is that the zombies are just a backdrop for the character conflict, though I know this differs from person to person.

I’ve also read the Infected on Episode and loved it (though my favourite zombie thing so far has to be the Walking Dead game by Telltale!) Hope this helps and good luck on your story!

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  • what are some cliches/annoying things related to this genre?

I cannot stand a nihilist. There’s bound to be losses and heartache, but you don’t need people dying left and right. And if the story’s central message revolves around “humanity bad; people terrible,” I’m clocking out for the night. Let characters create genuine relationships and have good days and laugh and live, even if only to build tension.

  • what would you like to see in a zombie story?

Humans should definitely be their own threat. The most fascinating themes that apocalypse stories allow us to explore, I believe, are the changes in humanity and morality when pushed to the edge. Yes yes, monsters are scary, but betrayal from those you thought you could trust is much scarier. Food is scarce, medicine is nearly nonexistent, people are much more distrusting, winters are more severe AND we have zombies on top of that. Let the monsters elevate the risks that are already there. Also, worldbuilding! The earth as we knew it has ended. How? Climate change? Nuclear Warfare? A Virus (we see this one a lot so I’m kind of bored of it)? Nothing just is; it came to be. Build cultures and civilizations around the events of the past.

  • what should I avoid when writing one?

First, I’m sick of racism in fantasy genres. I’ve never seen it handled well; and I’m convinced most people don’t have the research capabilities, experience, and/or skill set to do so. And, really, if you’re in a zombie apocalypse, and you’re still racist, get got, honestly. Second, it’s okay to have a cure/show things getting better. I’ve seen apocalypse stories where the cast essentially stayed in survivalist mode their entire lives, ones where people integrated monsters into society, and others where the entire thing ended after 10 years and the main plot focused on the after-the-fact rebuilding of society. Feel free to abandon the box!


Hi! @Qettix
What are some cliches/annoying things related to this genre? I love zombie movie and zombie story too i not sure what is annoying but only if someone fell and try to get someone kill or push them down that be sad.
What would you like to see in a zombie story? i would love to see skill, challenge , mission , wars , battle, choice , art scene , flash back .
What should i avoid when writing one? i not sure but anything that you think out of the box and then do creative to story to make it be real.



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