What is your pet peeve about Episode that doesn't have to do with any stories?

No, we’re not trashing Episode here. We’re just stating our concerns and annoyances that don’t have to do with any of the stories on the app ('cause there’s hundreds of threads that talk about that. Anyway!)

My pet peeve about Episode is being forced to watch an ad that sends the wrong message to teenage girls, like those makeover ads. I mean, please stupid mobile game ads, STOP with the ugly, stinky girl who wears glasses, is fat, wears baggy clothes (which are NOT ugly btw) and has nappy hair. It’s not funny, it’s insulting and toxic.

My other pet peeve with Episode is the lack of shoes that aren’t heels and the lack of modest clothing.

What’s yours?


Omg!! yes, I 100% agree, I honestly hate seeing those ads! there’s so many young kids seeing those dumb ads and the “message” that they’re sending isn’t a very good one


I think i already said this once, but my pet peeve is how the fanged mouth shapes are in higher quality than their non-fanged counterparts. It makes them look super pixelated when you switch to the non-fanged version :sob:

It’s not that serious of a complaint but its a minor thing that bothers me lmfao


You know what? That is so true!


Mine would have to be the waiting to get my backgrounds or images reviewed by episode just frustrating if you wanted to get an episode out but can’t because of that reason!

Has to be the lack of clothing for plus sized women characters on episode there are loads of decent one’s but lets say for instance it’s a fantasy you’re not able to dress them up as a elf or something along the lines of that! (Rubbish example I know)

Another has to be different hairstyles I say fair enough to episode because their is a lot of decent one’s but me personally I feel as if their could be plenty of none similar ones or just different hair cuts if you get me like ones with bangs, maybe highlights!

Now I am not bashing episode but I wish there was more creative animations like with dancing I am not being rude but I don’t want to grind nor dance as if I am listening to rock I want to have one where its not too much but not too little if you get me. Also the talking animations I find it frustrating when you cannot fully express your characters emotions because its not how you want it to look!

Sorry if I typed for too long or any of this makes no sense I am tired af but cannot sleep!


Mine would have to be the lack of African-American hair I know episode has some but there are barely any!.


I hate how episode takes some people’s stories and makes it their own and that person has a little right of that story like the Doberman meesza can’t make a part 2 because episode now owns it!.

and if they do make a part 2 episode can sue that person !


• The fact that it’s been how many years, now… and we still don’t have slippers for our characters! :scream: Slippers are everything.

• How the quality of my favourite male face shape “Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved” goes from this: [Portal High Quality] :point_down:t3:

To this: [Poor App Quality] :point_down:t3:

^ Ignoring the jagged neck line… WTF is going on with the blurred ear and jagged [yet blurry] jawline?! It never used to be like that! They should hire me, I could do a much better job at cutting out all of the features and limbs, than they could. Guaranteed it’d all be smooth too, instead of this mess!


I agree with this!

Which is why I will never let Episode feature my story, besides them severly shortening it and ruining everything.

I’ll just make my characters wear socks or be barefoot, but yes!

Wow, I never noticed that! That’s dumb! Maybe Episode needs to update screen resoultion a bit.

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I don’t know if you count this as a pet peeve but the fact that there aren’t many opportunities to get gems. You get gems and tickets when you do the streak and if you read official episode stories. I feel like you should still get gems when you read any chapter regardless of it being episode official or not. I know there is also the survey options but some of them take a long time to what they are said to be meaning that you have to spare some time for it. I think there should be more tasks/challenges that you can do to get more gems and tickets. Like maybe when you complete a story you get these many gems or you know something like that.

Another thing is that when you are up to the last chapter of a story and when you finish it. It takes you to a page where it says something like “You have finished reading all the episodes”. I mean can’t they do something which will literally make us finish the book and that message doesn’t get replayed. (I don’t know if I am making sense right now)

Also, you know how you want to save those stories that you have read and when you create an account you can put it on the recommended list but after a certain number it tells you that you can’t add anymore and if you want to then you have to remove some. I think episode should release like a history setting which shows you the stories you have read. I am a person who likes to keep “My favourites” shelf with the stories I am yet to read, not the stories I have finished and then it is annoying if there is no other way I can save the story. (Again, I don’t if I am making sense, it is a bit hard to explain :joy:)


We defintely do need more ways to earn gems.

Yeah, I’d rather they just leave us at a black screen or something

That’s dumb. People have lots of favorite stories!

Oh, did I mention that I hate that I can’t see my story cover until I publish my story or update it? Like come on, let me see how the cover looks on Episode before I publish!


I noticed that the quality first started to deteriorate back in October 2019, but even then it wasn’t as bad as it is now.

I complained about it in 2019, too. But this is how it looked [on the app] before October 2019… and then after:

And I still preferred this… over what we have now. ^


I notice this with some of the clothes we have in portal too. I wonder why that is. I see no reason as to why the quality should change?


Yepp! As someone who’s trying their damndest to include lots of diversity, it’s been a real challenge avoiding using the same hairstyles for my black characters :sob:

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I don’t understand it either. And I really hope they realize their error and fix it. Maybe I’ll submit a ticket and send each 3 different quality images to them… and question what the heck happened.


I have the same thought with those ads! Their target demographic is the group most highly sensitive to body image issues and eating disorders: adolescent girls. And those ads are so over the top to make the avatar “ugly” that they lose all suspension of disbelief. (They do, however, attract attention, as proven by my writing this.) And why are glasses “ugly?” It’s called nerdy chic!

I sometimes get Bitlife ads on Episode (probably because I also have Bitlife), but it’s a 17+ app…and Episode is rated 12+.


Ew, not the Bitlife. Some of the choices made by the player on the ad are so inappropriate.


I ignore it for months and then play for a couple days straight. It…passes time.

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His PFP vs him IRL.

IDK, I don’t do online dating or dating at all.

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Me whenever a new pet peeves thread shows up


A minor pet peeve is that socks in LL cannot be layered under shoes, but they can in INK. INK also has a running and talking animation. LL (tragically) does not.