What is YOUR view on race/ethnicity?

So. I have a good guy friend, let’s call him L. No, he’s not my boyfriend. L and I were discussing our different ways of viewing the differences everyone has. I have black hair and dark eyes- this is probably because I am Japanese. He has blonde hair and blue eyes- he’s… Scottish… yeah, I don’t know :joy: but you get the point.

My view is that we are all different, we all look different in hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, etc. and that any type of look is beautiful. His view is that we’re all the same (obviously, we’re not, but that’s how he views it) and that nobody should be treated differently. So, we both are not racist, we both respect other cultures, but we do it in different ways.

What’s your way of viewing things? I’m interested.

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Saying black skin, black hair, blue eyes, fair skin can also be uses to describe someone I don’t find it racist


Well, race and ethnicity aren’t completely set in stone! There’s every mix under the sun and it means loads of people from different parts of the world share features. Sure, there are things that are more common in some races and ethnicities, but we have a lot more in common than different!


I feel like everyone wants to be different that makes everyone same! Haha! But as you said, I believe that everyone are their own kind of beautiful. No one can be you! That makes you different.


Well I get his point, under the skin we’re all the same. But I’m more in your lane here. I think it’s absolutely beautiful and wonderful that we have so many different cultures and looks, it’s what makes the human race so cool. And we all do look different, it’s a fact and it’s honestly great.


I’m not going to write a long winded speech here or go into detail. I know a lot of people in forums have already done this and I don’t want to repeat or even undermine anything they’ve said. But I do agree.

However, what I will say is that I love different cultures, learning all about them. Whenever I travel, I don’t really like to do the touristy things, I like to see the people and lifestyles, and learn about them. Though, your culture/race/ethnicity isn’t just where you are from or live. Everyone has one and they ALL different, all unique. It’s not just where we’re born or live, who our parents are or our faith, it’s how we feel and who we are as people! Remember that everyone is different and interesting, and it’s those differences that make the human race so strong and so FUCKING AMAZING! :wink:


We’re basically the same biologically, but with appearance, culture, and more, we are completely different. Which isn’t that far fetched considering how large the planet is. However, even with these differences, they can sometimes be similar because we are all human. For example, in religion, there are different gods and such, but some stories and the morals in those stories are pretty much the same.


Love them. It shows diversity and I love it hehe.

Plus it is amazing from Adam PBUH (if one believes in Adam which I do), we the children of Adam come in various forms, Really incredible.

Even from the various world scriptures, we are told to spread acceptance and peace towards and among each other.

(Never tag me lolll hehe it’s okiess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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To be honest, I don’t have a problem with any race of people :slight_smile: Although race and ethnicity are a bit different from each other. Meaning that race is the color of someone’s skin and ethnicity is simply someone’s culture in so many words. Even though we’re all different, we’re all the same too. I agree with your friend because nobody should be treated differently. We’re equal.

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L is a character from Death Note lol. Anyways, I think we should all respect different ethnicities. I’d love to learn about some different cultures.


On the outside we may look different but on the inside, we are the same. Except for what we think about with our brain :heart:

Honestly, it’s so cool that we can celebrate and be proud of our differences but love others as well because after all, we all have the same beating heart and hard working mind. We are all human beings. So yeah we may look different, but those differences make us all unique :wink:

P.S Remember to treat others based on their personality, never their appearance :sunny:



Well said Jem! I absolutely agree with this. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


All different yet all equal. Not two people are the same.


Yes… Everybody is different from each other but in a good way… Everybody is unique, beautiful, talented, smart, intelligent in their own way… None be compared with others


I believe everyone is beautiful but in their own ways! I don’t care what people look like my dad always says “looks don’t matter heck you could be friends with a purple elephant!”


All that matters is what’s on the inside.

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