What issues/topics aren’t covered in high school stories?


Hello, fellow Episodians!

I am currently in the process of outlining an Episode story that is set in high school, and I was curious what issues don’t seem to be either touched upon enough, or at least ones you’d like to see in Episode stories.

I’m asking because there’s been a lot of discourse about things people are sick of (entertaining and useful reads, btw!) and I want to focus on things that fly under the radar, are glossed over, or deserve more emphasis.

Thank you in advance for responding! :slight_smile:


uh homework, pressure, any kind of stress- things along that vein imo really need to be touched on more. high school isn’t just dealing with your love dodecahedron and going out with your friends- it’s keeping your grades up and doing well on your standardized tests and getting into college. sometimes, school needs to be treated more like school than it is.

(and when college admissions are mentioned, I’m sick of the “oh look! I got into Yale and my friends and everyone else in my school got into Harvard, Stanford, NYU, and/or Columbia even though the likelihood of EVERYONE getting into these super exclusive schools is virtually impossible!” thing. seriously, there ARE other colleges out there beyond the well known ones)


I second that. You don’t see too many characters struggle with a certain subject, or the stress of having multiple assignments due, or see them study to improve their grades


I definitely agree about the stress and pressure of school. It’s very rare to find a story set in high school that even mentions this. A girl at my school passed out during one of the exams because she couldn’t handle the pressure of being dyslexic and basically having her future be based on a piece of paper in front of her.

But it’s also the pressure some parents put on kids to do well which unknowingly makes things much worse. They try to encourage their children to do the best they can but unbeknown to them they are actually putting more weight on their shoulders.

Although there are a few stories that talk about it, students having to deal with poverty isn’t mentioned much either. Not all kids have famous/rich parents and there isn’t always some ‘super rich’ boy to swoop in and ‘save the day’.


Mental illness, stress, anxiety, and mental illness in friends/family. Many teenagers struggle with these types of things and nobody notices.

The main character in my story, Freakish, has bipolar disorder.


Thank you so much for your responses so far! They’re really helpful and I will keep all of those things in mind as I develop my story. :heart: :heart:

Feel free to keep ‘em coming!


I will have to check out your story! Representation like that is so important. :slight_smile:


It is more shown in episode 5 and you can’t always tell if someone has it so it will come in and out.





at least at my school anyways


I agree with all of the above points. The topic I think doesn’t get covered is the fact that friendships really don’t last forever and I don’t mean by arguments or whatever drama I mean when a person randomly stops hanging around with you and don’t tell you what you did wrong but you know they talk about you behind your back. Im talking about endless nights spent in bed wondering what you did wrong and not sleeping therefore causing you to be exhausted the next day. Im talking about crying, you don’t know why your crying over someone who won’t even tell you why they stopped hanging out with you but you cry anyway probably because your tired from the night before. You don’t always loose friends over the stupid arguments you see on episode, sometimes people will literally stop hanging around with you to a point where you have to analyse every single encounter you have ever had with them. Before you know it another person stops speaking to you as much so you become insecure that they will leave you too and after all this stress you realise you forgot to hand in your homework so thats another detention but hey who cares right? You would repeat school 1 million times if it meant you could find out exactly what you did wrong to the person who triggers all this. You finally decide to confide in someone only to be told to “get over it” or to “stop thinking about them, because they don’t think of you”. To cut a long story short I just feel like episode should cover what its like to not sleep for days on end living on caffine because you are focused more on a person who doesn’t even have the audacity to explain to you why they no longer talk to you.sometimes I really hate people, just to clarify this has happend to me so many times in high school that I wonder if any of my friends actually like me or if it is part of some twisted joke


The homework thing definetly and even being a minority like being disabled/different race/colour/sexuality etc.


Or even you stop talking due to just that people you once knew become a stranger because you don’t talk to them anymore, you have lost touch and moved on. It’s one of the worst things!


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