What it’s an effective and positive way to get more reads?

Hi guys!

My name is Victoria, I’m from Panamá and I’ve used the Episode app as a reader since 2015 :slight_smile: I love it! I love to read new stories and see the effort put to it.

I’ve decided to give it a go and do a story of my own. This year was probably the worst year of my life so I wanted to distract myself, have a fun and hopefully get to know new people in the process :slight_smile:

I have a new story published with only 3 episodes (more coming). And I would like to know an effective and positive way to get more views and feedback :slight_smile:

Also I would love to read anyone’s else’s story if you guys are new just like me!

My story is Pathway to Reality, here’s the link :slight_smile:

And to anyone reading this, thank you <3

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Hi, I’m so glad you’ve found writing as a tool to distract yourself from everything going on in your life. I hope things will start looking up for you soon!

Would you like to do a R4R with me? Here is my story if you’re interested…

Title - All That Remains

Author - Ren

Instagram - @writer.ren.episode

Genre - Adventure/Sci-fi with a little Romance, Drama, and Comedy

Style - INK

Number of Episodes - 5 (to be continued)

Link - http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6232182390849536

Description - Will Lily be able to save the lives of herself and her people on a planet that was almost completely destroyed by an asteroid impact over 400 years ago? (Full CC) (M/F LI)

Features - Full-CC of MC, Semi-CC of love interests, male and female love interest branches, CHOICES MATTER, point system, advanced directing, art scenes, tappable overlays

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Absolutely! Let me get some free time at work to fully pay attention to your story and read it :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know! Thank you for your answer <3

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Okay, sounds good! Just let me know :blush:

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This is a good way to start. I’ll do r4r with you hun.

Lost Summer Love

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Thank you <3 I’ll read it ASAP, hope I don’t ran out of passes lol

That’s ok hun, no rush. I’ll post SS here for you when I read yours :partying_face:

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I hope things will get better for you, and I would love to do R4R with u :two_hearts:

Story info
Title: Wish You Were Weird.
Author: Ava.
Style: Limelight.
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Episodes: 3 (ongoing).
Description: Are we all weird in our way? Or we’re just stupid?

Choices Matter, limited CC for the main characters and full CC for ur character, tappable overlays, advanced directing.

IG: ava_stories_

Link to the story:
Let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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Hey, just thought I’d let you know that I had some time to check out your story. It’s off to a great start so far! :blush:


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Thank you so much! I’m still at episode 4 of your but I’m loving it so far and I love your editing with overlays! The story is getting me hooked :slight_smile: it’s difficult to read while at work but I’ve managed to sneak on to read it haha (And I’m totally team Mark)

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Aw, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re liking it so far! I’m team Mark too :joy:

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I would recommend to check out a bunch of underrated gems and send the author a fanmail. That’s actually how I met my friends Alexandria and MidnightMaiden :yay: :blob_hearts:

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Thank you for your advice (: will do!

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Hey, I just started your story but I’ll finish it sometime tomorrow. I’m super tired. Just letting you know I’m not ghosting :slight_smile:

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¡Hola Victoria! Yo también soy de Panamá. :grinning: ¿Estás interesada en hacer R4R conmigo?

Story: Benio

Author: Lia Lopez.

Current chapters: Nine - Complete.

Genres: Comedy, romance.

What would happen if you ship a joyful, energetic, loud girl with a quiet, gentle guy who is willing to play along with her? Join Benio Castillo’s life to find out! (CC)

My Instagram: lia_lopez_episode



Oh wao! No pensé encontrarme alguien de Panamá aquí haha, con gusto! Este fin de semana no pude leer a nadie porque andaba fuera, ya me pongo al día con mis R4R!

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:sob: Que alegría encontrar a otra panameña en Episode. Tenemos que encontrar más personas de nuestro país, ¿No crees? :joy:

Hi girl! Just read all 4 episodes!! Keep going I need to know what happened with Hazel!

Hi! This weekend was rough lol! I’m waiting for my passes to refill and I’ll start with your story!

Aw, don’t worry things will get better💕 and I’ll start yours today!

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