What keeps you interested, what makes a good story?

I am currently writing a new story. I don’t want to give too many details on it, but it is a romance story. My question is what makes a good romance story? and what do you dread in some romance stories that you have read? I want to take any and all advice and opinions so I can make the story truly enjoyable story and a good read!


I hate love triangles. Apparently that’s an unpopular opinion since there are so many love triangle stories on Episode. I also don’t like the miscommunication trop (where the MC overhears/sees something taken out of context and won’t let the LI explain) or the SA trop (where the LI rescues the MC from assault).

I love a story that has a main plot that is outside of the romance. E.G. I love Clockwork Hearts. There’s romance for sure, but there’s an actual plot outside of the romance. I love Top Streamer. Sure, the romance is intertwined with the plot, but it would still be a strong plot without the romance. I also love some plot twists, but there has to be some foreshadowing. My favorite part about reading certain stories is thinking “oh wait, this makes sense because of something that happened earlier” or going back and reading a second time to realize “ohhhhh this part set up the twist.” As a storywriter, it’s always really fun.

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Hate :rage:

  • MC and LI being best friends since primary school
  • LI being the new guy at school
  • Story starting with MC being with her douche of a boyfriend, who’s cheating of course :roll_eyes:
  • Super polite, lovely mom with no personality whatsoever
  • Black and/or gay BFF, bonus if they’re sleeping around, also they don’t have a story line
  • LI saving MC from a creep at a bar or something
  • Mean girl/guy at school
  • That one quirky and offensively stupid character for comedy purposes
  • MC that has been moving from one city to another their whole life
  • LI always with prefect abs
  • MCs having the same 4 features in every story, “Full Round Pouty” lips is a MUST
  • Lame-a*s party at the rich kid’s house
  • Super lame come backs in a fight, like “Stupidity’s not a crime, so you’re free to go.” :yawning_face: , show me fierce and intellect pls
  • Siblings calling each other “sis” or “bro” :skull: That’s not how siblings are…
  • :arrow_up: Same for best friends calling each other “dude”, “bro”, “broski” all the time

And much more…


  • Public places with no background characters
  • Night scenes without dark filter or dim overlay
  • CC for every member of family including great grandma’s best friend’s cat’s neighbor
  • Use of music_danceclub :face_vomiting:
  • Not removing props from characters after done using them
  • Unnecessary scenes, like MC showering
  • Characters laying on top of the bed sheets instead of under them
  • Characters having one and the same hairstyle throughout the entire story
  • Also female characters sleeping with bright red lipstick on

Love :heart:

  • WELL-PLANNED PLOT :spiral_notepad:
  • SIDE CHARACTERS’ STORIES :speaking_head:
  • MC not being perfect
  • LI not being mysterious, cold
  • Any other location than New York City
  • Some creative jobs for the character’s like veterinarian, taxi driver etc.
  • Parents with lives of their own and actual personalities
  • DOGS :dog2:
  • What @gnoble22 said:
  • MINI GAMES :video_game:
  • Good and well planned diversity but not just to fill the plot
  • Plot twists
  • MC having their own style
  • Any other forms of transport than cars :clapping:
  • SEASONS :tulip: :sunny: :fallen_leaf: :snowflake: + Holidays: Christmas, Halloween etc.
  • Sports!
  • Creative use of overlays like a falling leaf, birds, waves etc.
  • Also: using overlays to create depth in a scene like furniture, bushes
  • LECTURING PURPOSES : teach your readers something about your culture, background etc. For example: different family dynamics, feminism and also sexism

thanks so much for replying! I definitely agree with the love triangle I do not enjoy them. My story has only one LI.

I am trying to make my story different from others. From what I see your pretty much tired reading the same plot with just a few tweaks in between. You’re looking for something with a structure beyond just the romantic side but a story behind the character that actually bring everything to life. Hoping to add that dynamic in my story so it feels well put together.

Thanks for your feedback this is very useful!


Thanks for replying! I feel you on the places with no background characters it’s just no realistic! Sometimes with some stories you can’t tell if the character has parents because they never get mentioned or they are just so dull!

I want to make a well-rounded story and I will definitely be taking your ideas into consideration thanks!


I call my sister sis


Um, my brother calls me “sis” and
my mother call my uncle “bro.” It’s not unrealistic.


Here is a list of things that keep me hooked:

  • Small scenes for comedic relief usually between side characters
  • Sweet moments like the LI and MC falling asleep in eachothers arms, playing in the rain, ect
  • Side character stories
  • A plot outside romance
  • Hidden meanings
  • Good directing and overlay use


  • predictable plot twists
    -meeting my LI in the second episode
    -to much narration
    -customizing to many family members
  • terrible terrible outfit choices
    -uninteresting dialogue
  • not enough diversity
  • cringy romance stories (make it spicy & unpredictable :wink:)

I must ask what you don’t like about meeting the LI in the second episode? just asking because in my story I’m writing the LI doesn’t meet the LI in the first but he does get introduced and she knows of him because he is someone very well name or famous I guess you could say.

In that case that’s fine but it be like I’m dating my LI by the second episode it’s very straight to the point lol which I guess is fine but I personally like to see my characters life before she meets her LI. It’s definitely not all romance stories but some it just makes me cringe. If I am meeting my LI cool but just don’t make it so cliche but again this is just my opinion :grinning::smiley:

Oh I see okay! thank you for your input!

I want to correct you on that. There are all sorts of siblings out there who are different. How would you know they don’t call each other that? From young I call my sister “sis” or “sissy” and never her name. That’s how we’ve always referred to each other.


As for my opinion, it depends on who you ask. There isn’t a specific thing on a list that says “this makes a good story.” Personally, regardless of the genre, good directing and good plot and good grammar are key. It really bugs me when there’s bad grammar, it’s so annoying to read. I understand some people don’t have English as the first language. Which is why I recommend requesting for proofreaders (there are people who do it for free). This is just my opinion though. Good directing doesn’t necessarily need to be very advanced code. I think it just means not having anything very choppy/the entire episode is very smooth and easy to read.And a good plot to me is something original and not overused, something creative, out of the box.

Other than that, I love minigames, creativity, CC, points system, humor (jokes)
I don’t like: swearing/cursing, no warning for triggering things.



I have read a story in the past and I kid you not we were talking about a red ball for like 3 minutes it didn’t have much significance cause the subject changed and I just thought “ umm okay” :joy:


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