What kind of art covers interest you? (poll)

So I’m working on a new story, and I’m trying to decide between doing an art cover that features the characters or a more abstract-artsy cover. My fear is that covers showing hands/objects/non-character items aren’t interesting to someone scrolling through the app. What do you think?

  • I like covers/banners with the characters on it
  • I don’t have a preference between characters or objects
  • I wouldn’t normally click a cover with no characters on it
  • I prefer covers with abstract objects on them
  • Other (reply with your thoughts!)

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For me, it’s more about the quality of the artwork, rather than the content.

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I have a reasoning behind it.

If a story has a high-quality cover, with well done artwork, it shows to me that the author:

A) Invested a lot of time into making their cover, which probably means they cared a lot about the story itself/the subject matter, or

B) Invested money in commissioning a cover, which also shows the author cared enough to invest in their own work.


This is a discussion that benefits all writers, but if I could just take a sec to specifically gauge my story’s specific example

Here’s the character cover:

Here’s the abstract one:

  • I would read the story if it had the character cover (#1)
  • I would read the story if it had the hands cover(#2)
  • I don’t have a preference
  • I wouldn’t click the story specifically because of the character cover
  • I wouldn’t click the story because of the hands cover

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I like covers that include people or sometimes objects that relate to the story, if you were to have abstract art in the background I would put the characters in front of it

What about if the cover was abstract and the banner once you click has characters? Would that ‘redeem’ it, or would you not have clicked to see the banner anyways?

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I agree with @dandylou. For me it’s about the quality of the cover rather then what’s on it.

I opted out of any characters on my cover, other than a hand in the skin color I intended for the MC. I have a CC for the MC and I rather now show what the other characters look like before they appear in the story.

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Well your ‘abstract’ cover is pretty interesting so I would click

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