What kind of choices do readers like to have?

What do you like to be able to choose from and why? For example: I love choose your own sexuality/gender choices because it allows me to relate to the characters better. I also love life or death choices in tense moments.


I totally agree on all of them. I also like the choices where you can change like the dialogue and what the character says and it affects the relationships with other people (points)

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Life or death choices :smiling_imp:


^ We’ve got some data on it here!

Personally, some of my favourite stories have been light on choices. It takes a very skilled writer (and a certain kind of masochist) to write an excellent, captivating, nuanced, non-generic plot with multiple branch points. Not impossible, just a lot to expect on an app where the bottom 99% don’t get paid, and the top 1% just get some side earnings. Not to mention the fact that “you” is a certain character type, which limits choice-heavy stories to all having the same MC, “you.” A MC with unusual or “illogical” traits (anxiety, recklessness, etc) isn’t really compatible with choices. No reader is actually going to pick ‘chicken out’ or ‘procrastinate for 5 hours because you can’t make yourself face the task.’

The only choice-heavy stories that I find are exceptional are those survival-type stories, where the choices you make prepare you for future encounters.