What kind of customization do you prefer? (If you do care about customization)

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personally I’m fine without customization, as long as the character isn’t ugly (they rarely are) but I do like being able to pick hair, makeup, and outfits (:


Can I ask what the difference is between normal customization and visual customization is?


Personally i don’t care if the author adds it or not. In my story I don’t allow customization since I want readers to see the story through how I imagined it. If it’s more of a interactive story, then I’ll allow it… just my opinion though!

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I’m mostly fine without it. Guess it depends on the genre for me. Either way, I will not complain to the author about it if they choose not to have it.

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Normal customization:

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 1.06.43 PM

Visual customization:

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 1.06.59 PM

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I don’t personally care about customisation, but if it’s offered, I’ll usually customise or at least partly customise.

I prefer basic customisation. I read on a tablet. Some creators take that into consideration, but some don’t, meaning that I can’t tap on everything lol. Even the templates that do take my tablet into consideration can sometimes be buggy- it can be hard to tap things at times. I also find it takes longer if you need to tap through options. I know what I want. I’d rather be able to go straight to that option and get the CC over with lol


I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

I usually try to keep the characters close to the author’s vision (unless it’s an unnamed You-insert character, in which case I create someone using whatever features I’m in the mood for), but I like to have the option to get rid of features I find distracting.

For instance, I will always change the “Medium waves Natural” hairstyle when a character has it, because I can never take my eyes off of how low the hairline is during the story. Some authors give their characters ashy lips, and I like being able to change that. Or sometimes, especially with stories that have multiple male LIs, the dudes look the exact freaking same. Like you can tell the author had a favorite nose and eye shape. Two male characters with Grecian narrow noses, chiseled shaved faces, downturned lidded eyes, and medium lips. The only difference is one has blond wavy taper hair, and one has brunette side curls. This happens way too often, and I like to make them look somewhat less like clones given the chance.


Haha I forgot to mentions LIs who looks the same but maybe have a different hair color. I don’t enjoy customizing LIs but when they’re basically twins/triplets I find the illusion of a choice redundant.

So if all the LIs will look the same, then please give me customization. :sweat_smile:

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Same! I came here to say exactly the same thing. When it’s an actual character with a name, specified ethnicity, and defined personality, I like to keep the character as close to default and only change minor things like hairstyle or lip color. But when it’s an unnamed YOU character, I usually invent a new character based on what I think story might be about, or I use a character from one of my stories.

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Sameeee gurl

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Personally, I don’t really care if there is customisation or not but if there is, then I’d probably customise my character regardless of art scenes. As for the basic or visual customisation, I strongly prefer the basic customisation (Visual ones tend to get laggy and I’m just not a huge fan of them).

I personally don’t really care about character customization, but If I am given the opportunity to customize a character, I do have a few rules that I’ve always gone by:

  1. If they have a fixed name (or even a suggested name), I don’t touch them. A predetermined name let’s me know that the author had a character in mind (at least somewhat), and I don’t want to alter that.

  2. If there’s only limited CC, I don’t touch them. Again, that tells me the author had a certain type of character in mind, and I’m not changing that.

  3. If given full CC, I always attempt to make my characters vastly different. The only time that I actually create the same character twice, is if I’m reading a story that has a sequel.

And I think I’ve only ever read one story that had visual customization, so I’m definitely more familiar with normal customization.

So in a nutshell: Normal customization. Full CC or no CC.