What kind of elements do you expect to find in a mystery story?

Hey guys, so the title says it all. I need different opinions about the elements that MUST be in a mystery story according to you.

I have written a mystery story (which you can check here: https://www.episodeinteractive.com/s/6145795346923520). It was my first story, so of course the directing, dialogue and so on wasn’t on point BUT I’m thinking about rewriting the story in Limelight, but I want to write a better version of it. so I need to know what kind of elements do you expect to find in a mystery story? What’s the thing that makes a mystery stand out for you? Your feedback will be appreciated!

Thank you :orange_heart:

PS: if anyone wants to give my story a review, feel free!


Hey! I believe sound effects and music that bring suspense and climax helps build a scene. It can also be the characters not always being open which can make them mysterious. For example, overtime you get to know pieces of their backstory. It would also help if the characters look unique. The plot being unique and the problem of the story is unusual or not really common. :smile:

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Hey, thanks for the answer!

I don’t know about you but I hardly ever put the sound on when I play. Do you think it makes a difference? And for you, which point of view is better for a mystery story? Only from the MC’s or the killer too for example?

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No problem! :blush:
Yes, when it’s silent, I think it ruins some of the experience depending on the story. And I think it would be better from the MC’s POV so everything the killer is up to, you find out with MC. This is thrilling imo.

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