What kind of episode stories are you into (Romance , Drama , Fantasy , Mystery , Comedy , Action , Thriller)


I am trying to write a story on episode , but i am like " um… what kind of stories do people like to read on episode" but i never get the answer. When i try to ask myself i will always say romance but i want to know from you and not only me!

SO which is it going to be
is it going to be


My personal favorite is thriller/horror and mystery. However, romance and drama is what works best with most of the readers. So I think your story would get the maximum number of reads there. But then again, those would also be the most competitive genres.

I’d say, you should just write what you’d like to read. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have read billions of romance stories, now I just enjoy original stories no matter what genres are they. So little tip: write something original and you can turn someone into fantasy/horror/any genre fan.

I agree with @aprilish that you should write something that you would like to read. Writing proces can be tricky and long so you need to feel motivated. Basically if you enjoy romance just do something romantic and you will not get bored.

Episode community is really diverse so you will find readers with every genre as long as the story is interesting . :heart::heart::heart:


Completely agree! :blue_heart:


Anything that keeps me hooked. :heart: