What kind of points system do y'all like?


I’m not sure what points system to do in more story. So I was wondering what kinds you guys tend to like. Romance isn’t a highlight in my story, so there won’t be a lot of points there.

I was thinking maybe character points, as in how much a character likes you? In my story there is also a darkness that wants to enter your body so maybe intelligence vs emotion points, and the more emotional you are the more vulnerable you are to the darkness?

But enough about my story, what kinda points do you guys tend to enjoy when reading :blush:


I like trait points/personality points e.g boldness, honesty etc that affect how other characters react to you as well as how your character reacts to others. I also like character points that determine how much another character likes/dislikes you. (:

For horror stories, I like survival points, it keeps me more on edge and it makes me think more carefully about my choices.


Ohh coool! I didn’t even think of personality points

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How about morality points, so the more bad/selfish choices you make, the more likely the darkness will consume you; and the more good/selfless choices you make, the more likely you are to fight off the darkness?


That’s a good idea! If I can think of some choices I’ll do that. If not then oh well lol. Tysm for the idea!

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